Museum of London: The Beasts of London Tour

The Beats of London tour showcases the many animals that used to roam wild in London.

The newly introduced exhibition at the Museum of London, ‘ Beasts of London’, provides an ‘immersive tour through the capital’s history.

The mighty lion, and the humble rabbit (which was introduced by the Romans as a food source) are represented along with rats and fleas which were the cause of the great plague.

Romans brought over many animals including the mighty lion. Image: Museum of London.

Modern residents including foxes and pigeons also feature.

After the founding of ‘Londinium’, the Roman invaders of Britain brought many beasts along with them.

Aquila the eagle, voiced by actor Pam Ferris, will be your guide to the ancient Roman city.

Expect tales of ‘cruelty and companionship’ which delve deep into the un-sugarcoated relationship between humans and animals.

Watch the trailer here for more idea of what to expect.

The animals’ stories, thankfully enough, have been translated and voiced over by a range of celebrities including: Kate Moss, Joe Pasquale, and Angelica Bell, just to name a few.

The full cast list can be found on the Museum of London website.

London has been home to bears, lions and elephants, but the most life-threatening beasts are much smaller and more subtle.

There are even stories from London’s smallest species: The Bacterium.

Also the source of the great plague, the bacterium plays a major role in how our society has been shaped in the capital.

The Bacterium, voiced by Bryan Blessed. Image: Museum of London.

Renowned actor Brian Blessed plays the sinister Bacterium, smallest beast of London and true source of the great plague.

Cat, rat, flea and Bacterium, will take you through the story of sickness and turmoil that ravaged through the city before the Great Fire of London.

Museum of London recommends Beasts of London for children aged seven and over, as some scenes may be upsetting to anyone younger.

However, this doesn’t prevent younger children from viewing – it is at the discretion of parents and carers.

The experience takes about an hour and the event is expected to be popular so get booking, particularly if you intend on going in the first few weeks, school holidays or weekends.

Adult tickets start at £8 and concessions at £6.40.

Tickets are available to book at half hour intervals. Beasts of London opens at museum of London, on Friday 5 April 2019.














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