Game of thrones: Largest battle in Tv history sends social media into a frenzy

The battle of the long night was the biggest battle in the history of television.

In the latest episode of Game of thrones the biggest battle in cinematic history coined ‘the long night’ commenced. 90 minutes of swashbuckling and screams as your favourite actors fought the onslaught of the whites under the lead of the Night King.

Main actors such as Jorah Momont, Lyanna Mormont, Edd of the nightswatch and Beric the lord of light all fell to the whites and Theon Greyjoy falling to the Night king. With all seemingly lost Arya Stark the Lady of winterfell that has no face stepped up and killed the Night king and won the battle for the living.

Arya Starks timely intervention sent game of thrones fans all across the world into a frenzy, with 4.3 million tweets about the battle in the first two hours after the episode finished. With Celebrities all around the globe such as Sophie Turner, Youngs Teflon, Maisie Williams tweeted their enjoyment and disbelief about how the battle ended.

Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark in the television series has written her name in game of thrones folklore and become the most loved character over night along with the unsung heroes of the battle such as Beric who saved Aryas life and Jorah who protected Dany in the field and Theon giving his life for Bran.

The mastermind behind the direction of the battle, Miguel Sapochnik described the battle as ‘ Survival Horror’ and he said he wanted fans,
“to really approach it properly and take every sequence and ask yourself: ‘Why would I care to keep watching?’”

Well i can assure you that Miguel Sapochnik achieved his goal, as that is exactly what every fan did and the answer to the question was because it was the greatest battle ever seen!!! We managed to interview a Game of thrones Junkie who watched the latest blockbusting episode and this is what he had to say.

This episode has left game of thrones fans in anticipation for the next episode which airs next Monday 6th May at 2:00 am.


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