Riri Risqué

Rihanna is famed for her bold fashion statements and this nonetheless.

It’s not unknown for the beauty and music mogul Rihanna to be extravagant in her style and how she presents herself.

She is never one to keep the same style, Rihanna is one of those people who aren’t afraid to change their aesthetic as many times over as many of her fans will know.

Recently she was spotted in her home of Barbados wearing a piece which was from the off – white fall collection. Rihanna managed to pull off the Virgil Abloh designed outfit and made it look wearable for anyone.

In the picture above, Rihanna with Jamaican artist Bujuo Banton it is clear that she pulled off the outfit amazingly along with some jumbo braids to add to the island vibe wearing it exactly how it was shown on the runway

This is not the first time Rihanna has made a bold fashion move, it seems like every era its something different which makes her so authentic and likable to the audience.

Although it comes at some disappointment as this years Met Gala theme ‘camp notes on fashion’ would have been so fitting to her style completely as it is sometimes bizzare and we’re always wondering what she’ll do next.


When asking some of the public what they thought of how she dresses they responded by calling her ‘daring and quirky’.

The off- white collection is described as a ‘ ladylike twist on sports’ it ranges with various different outfits throughout along with the checkered dresses with a huge slit paired with matching boots at the time modelled by Bella Hadid at the show in Paris.

To say that this wont be the last time Rih will be outgoing would be a lie

Until next time.


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