Stop and Search could increase due to violent crime

Stop and search law is being put in place in order  to tackle violent crime in the UK this follows as series shootings and stabbing that has been happening in the UK.

The Metropolitan Police are looking to enforce the stop and search law as a response to the recent stabbings and shootings that’s been taking place so far this year. 

This follows as communities have been campaigning to bring stop and search with the aim to combat the recent spate in violent crime.

The number that was recently published has shown an increase in the number of people that have been affected by violent crime.

The government has recently said that they will continue to support the stop and search power that aims to decrease the number of violent crimes .

Meanwhile on social media people are supporting the stop and search initiative as many say its needed in the fight against crime.

Many others are hitting back as reports suggest black kids are five times more likely to be stopped and search than any other race.

Stop and search rate per 1,000 people, and number of stop and search incidents, by ethnicity.

EthnicityStop and search rate per 1,000 peopleNumber
Asian other1310,650
Black African1918,363
Black Caribbean2615,674
Black other7320,352
Mixed White/Asian3879
Mixed White/Black African71,202
Mixed White/Black Caribbean104,326
Mixed other144,062
White British3123,519
White Irish42,168
White other921,637
Other inc Chinese54,661
Any other74,187
EthnicityStop and search rate per 1,000 peopleNumber

The law seems working for the best as two males were just caught in Haringey this morning from a stop and search according to the MetTaskforce.

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