Youtubers bare it all at Coachella

When april comes around the corner we all know to brace ourselves for the chella fever.

Youtubers tend to overboard and normally spend hundreds on custom outfits, which are to be completely honest not covering even half of their body surface area.

If you are a youtube fan you’ll know that your instagram timeline and snapchat will be bombarded with various pictures of youtubers in revealing attire, for two consecutive weekends. 12 Apr 2019 – 21 Apr 2019.

Not that we all don’t want to know what our favorite peoples OOTD is.

BeFunky-collage tana wanda


Youtuber Tana Mongeau stole our hearts with her colourful pink and lime green day three coachella fit. Fans described her outfit as a R rated version of the powerpuff girls.

Tana ticked a lot of the trend boxes with her vibrant weekend 2 coachella look.

Neon  ☑️

scrunchies ☑️

leopard print ☑️


BeFunky-collage tana and ash 2

Youtubers Ashly Schwan and Tana Mongeau were pictured in an all black dominatrix vibe on coachella weekend one, day one. Unfortunately Tana and Ashly didn’t sport many 2019 trends with these outfits, but we can’t deny that they are eye catching and attention grabbing.

block colours ☑️

Tiny accessories ☑️

BeFunky-collage JC COSCHhh


Controversial Youtuber James Charles not only stunned us with his continuous breathtaking looks.

He also took our breaths away with his suns out buns out weekend one, day one coachella all white fit.

James gave us good girl gone bad/ skimpy angel vibes, that was the talk of the coachella weekend one. setting the bar high for other youtubers.

His fellow sisters weren’t void of praises for his plump glutes.

Fellow controversial youtuber Nikita Dragun couldn’t hold back her comments on her close friends peaches, commenting on his workout regimen ” Those squats really paying off.” .

Although James charles did tick many 2019 trend boxes.

He went even further and ticked the box on a coachella requirement. All Buns must be out.  ☑️

Layering ☑️

block colouring ☑️

tiny accessories ☑️

Nikita Dragun and bestie Bretman rock came dressed to impress at coachella in pink and blue. Giving us Rated R back to school vibes with their matching backpacks, and a mature powerpuff girls look. Blossom and bubbles to the rescue.

Even though their outfits rocked they only covered two 2019 trends at coachella weekend two this year.

Layering ☑️

Block colours ☑️


Youtubers featured in this article, including links to their youtube channels.:

Tana Mongeau

Asly Schwan

James charles

Nikita Dragun

Bretman rock






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