Anti-social behaviour a nightmare which has been ignored a new report suggests

A  new report which has been published has suggested a lot of victims have been ignored.

According to Police chiefs and the Local Government Association  “they are taking  anti-social behaviour seriously” they have also said “resources were under strain and they needed more funding to tackle the problem effectively”.

Anti -social behaviour have been on the rise since 2010 many suggesting that the governments cut backs on police or youth service’s were two of the main causes.

Stabbing and shootings have increased in the past year according to the new figures that has been published which states 154 people were killed last year alone making it London highest murder level.

The report show that more than a fifth of those victims were young adults and teenagers. It is understood that the fear of being a victim has driven young adults and teenagers especially into becoming more anti – social. .

Also many people who report anti-social behaviour see it as a waste of time as the police do nothing to help as they are too stretched due to the cuts being made and too busy dealing with ‘proper’ crimes. Baroness Newlove expands on this as she says ” victims are having their concerns dismissed as “low level” and warned police and councils have “a culture of viewing anti-social behaviour as not important”.

Also she has already showed her discontent for the police hotline number and said it “should be overhauled”. 101 the police non-emergency  hotline number has been known to let many victims down when they have reported which led them to give up or call 999 according to the governments victim commissioner.

Although many people have not given up hope and still urge others to keep reporting, calling in and letting MP’s know that anti- behaviour is massive problem.


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