Chris Packham receives new death threats

Wildlife expect Chris Packham has  received death threats due to him challenging unlawful licensees

BBC Springwatch presenter Chris Packham has received genuine death threats on his life with details of how they want to get him as one said they “will organise a car crash”. Some of those who oppose him have also sent
parcels containing human faeces to his home in a campaign of intimidation.

Wild Justice a group co-founded by Chris Packham last week campaigned
,challenged three general licenses, which allowed the shooting of 16 species including crows, magpies, Canada geese and wood pigeons. Due to a legal challenge by Wild Justice Natural England immediately revoked blanket licences to kill “pest” birds on farmland.

Less than 24 hours after the decision had been made dead crows were found strung up by Chris’s house and since then he has been bombarded by sick people with death threats and all sorts.

He has also chastised Facebook for not removing posts containing his address. He said this amounted to “incitement to violence”, and he had tried to have it removed.

After he received the death threats he went on to say “I can’t speak too much about what happened last night because I haven’t been in touch with the police yet.”

Although many don’t agree with Packham, many also stand by him as celebrities such as Kevin Maguire and nature figures such as Mark Avery have all shown their support in favour for the work he is doing.

Although many people do believe that Chris Packham has abused his power due to the influential figure he is in the nature scene. As he is causing more harm than good as now the livestock and crops are in danger due to the fact they are no longer able to shoot birds.

While Bodies including the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC), Countryside Alliance, and the National Gamekeepers Organisation have written an open letter to environment secretary Michael Gove calling on him to intervene in Natural England’s decision.

Most farmers are against the abuse that Packham has received but do state the fact that the result of his campaign has put a huge strain on farmers during the busiest time of the farming calendar.


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