Da vinci’s alleged stolen painting

Experts at the Louvre have speculated that the charcoal drawing, known as the Mona Vana wasn’t drawn by Leonardo da vinci, despite its striking resemblance to the infamous Mona lisa.

The nude ‘Mona lisa’

Experts had written the charcoal drawing as another artist who did similar work to Da Vinci, in the same time, due to the speculation that the drawing was done by a right handed artist.

Which crossed Da vinci out as the person who created mona Vana, as Leonardo was famously left handed. But new analysis say that the nude Mona Lisa was in fact drawn by a left handed person which begs the question.

Did Da Vinci create this drawing?

If not why would anyone draw the same woman as Leonardo.

Lastly who is this woman? and is she really Mona Lisa or just a look alike?

Dr Deldicque took it upon himself to spend several months looking further into these speculations. He also contacted other specialists and historians to help him with his investigation, which was conducted in a laboratory, located under the Louvre.

After deep investigation and analysis they came to the conclusion, that the Mona Vanda drawing was a sketch for an oil painting that hadn’t been completed.

But despite the uncanny resemblance to the Mona Lisa and the fact that both the drawing and the painting have a hole, that align together. It can be deemed that the Mona Vanda was possibly used as a way to trace the Mona Lisa onto its canvas.

Even though Dr Deldicque wouldn’t bet his money on the drawing being 100% Leonardo Da vinci’s. “We want to be serious and scientific about this,” Deldicque said earlier this week.

Dr Deldicque also said “The quality of the drawing, both to the naked eye and under imaging analysis” shows the work of an exceptional hand.

But experts cannot be “absolutely certain (it was by Leonardo) and we may never be,”

In conclusion despite the various investigations and analysis we will truly never know who the Mona Vanda belonged to, despite it still being under Da Vinci’s name as his.

What do you think? Do You think these two resemble each other in anyway?

Do you think it belongs to Leonardo Da Vinci?


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