Drive safe: or result in a collision

This morning an accident involving a few cars and a van took place in south-west London.

The incident occurred just before 8.00 am in the busy area of south Westminster. Several vehicles were involved in the heavy collision, although no body suffered any fatal injuries.

Road traffic investigators arrived on the scene and carried out there checks to determine what happened , and until there investigation was complete nobody was allowed to leave their property and the road was blocked off.

Emergency services rushed to the crash scene and a pensioner was rushed to the hospital as they sustained injuries although we are not aware of the seriousness of it.

A Young child who was in the passenger seat of one of the cars was treated for wounds although not deemed serious was till taken to the hospital as a a precaution. “The driver and the others involved in the crash , were treated and subsequently released for minor injuries at the scene.

A Police spokesman said: ‘ we were called to a car crash in Westminster ,where a Blue A class Mercedes, Grey Toyota, Red Ford and van were all involved in a heavy collision .” 

At around midday the police cleared the roads and the roads connecting were all in use again ‘ All the vehicles were deemed a write off.


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