Police make two arrest after images of Emiliano Sala’s body found online

Two people have been arrested following a photo of the deceased Emiliano Sala surfaced on the internet.

A 48-year-old women from Corsham and a 62-year-old man from Calne have both been arrested after pictures of former footballer Emiliano Sala body was found online. The police say they were made aware that these images were circulating on social media on Wednesday, February 13th.

The two suspects were swiftly apprehended as Dorset Police got a warrant for an address in Wiltshire, on February 18, this warrant was executed by officers from the Digital Investigations & Intelligence Unit within Wiltshire Police.

Both suspects have been charged on suspicion of unauthorised access to computer material (an offence under the Computer Misuse Act) and malicious communications. But both have been released on bail but still under investigation.

Wilshire police have said “There is no evidence to suggest a break-in at the mortuary, and no evidence to suggest that any staff from the mortuary, or indeed any other council employees, are involved in any wrongdoing.”

While Head of bereavement services at BCP Council Linda Barker said “We have been working with Wiltshire and Dorset Police to ascertain how images from Holly Tree Lodge Mortuary were obtained.

This comes a week after Horacio Sala, the father of Emiliano Sala unfortunately passed away due to a heart attack. Many in the family have blamed his death on the passing of his son as he had been stricken with grief ever since.

He spoke to the BBC two weeks ago pleading “that justice be done” for his son. Even the mayor in his hometown of progresso Julio Muller said in an interview on radio station, La red station that “Horacio could not overcome Emi, we thought that after the discovery he would be able to close that circle.”

Doctors were called to the house by friend and president of local football club Daniel Ribero, from San Martin de Progreso, but upon arrival Horacio was pronounced dead.

Detective Inspector Gemma Vinton, senior investigating officer for Wiltshire Police, said “A file of evidence was sent to CPS last week to consider whether criminal charges should be brought again the two individuals under investigation by Wiltshire Police.”

Also she said “I would also urge people to stop sharing the image – this is causing further distress to Emiliano’s family and friends.” and that
“It is important to allow the Crown Prosecution Service time to review the evidence in relation to the two suspects, and enable any potential subsequent judicial proceedings to take place in a fair manner”.


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