Spanish socialist party wins election

Spainish Socialist Party (PSOE) have won the election after several attempt.

Pedro Sanchez has a reason to cheer after Sundays general election, he secured a solid political mandate after his party won 123 out of the 350 votes.

”we made it happen” he told the supporters.

After several attempt he has finally won and vows that he is going to make changes and to help Spain to have a better future.

He is ready to seek coalition to gain the 177 seats, the question is who is he going to choose to form a government with.

Sanchez came back better prepared this time around in comparison to previous elections where he went through a non confidence vote last June. He had more hope to win this election , he said that he  “wants to make sure that the country moves forward and to advance”  he is clearly the only one able to form a new government , with the position that he has as prime minister he as a bigger chance to win the election , also with what he said that that he would do for the country to make it better.

Vox is a political party in Spain they been able to win 12 seats after a long time the party want to make Spain great again by increasing the border control to avoid migrant crossing the Mediterranean reason why their party has gain more support from the community.

Vox also being tougher on the immigration control helped Andalusia where the migrant will not be able to cross the Mediterranean illegally they also mention the independence of Catalan a new decision who helped them to make their supporter grow.

The Podemo’s party against the inequality the corruption and for a better economies won 11 seats


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