Author dedicates novel to Dyslexia school

New author Michael Lieber is fresh to the literary scene and has had his very first book published and is currently on a book tour.
Michael has explained some of the background to his new novel The War Hero it is a story that has been in the making for about five years.

The story The War Hero is set in the 20s about a man and his daughter throwing a party in a small town where an unexpected guest shows up delivering his initial motives only to leave the main character with a certain amount of time to figure out how to fix it all and survive the night, it is now out for sale at amazon.

Michael struggled with dyslexia (the difficulty in reading and or writing) heavily as a child and could not read or write until the age of 11.

He went to an dyslexic institution called Maple Hayes located in Straffordshire where he was sent to get help on reading and writing by the two doctors; Dr Neville Brown and Dr Daryl Brown whom he had dedicated The War Hero to.

Michael Lieber at book signing

Michael says that the two helped him exceptionally ” They taught me how to write with a technique called icon therapy, or morphemes as its known, the child is taught to memorise hundreds of icon images, each one representing a different segment of every word in the English language”.

Michael has acted before getting into the writers scene in things such as Ramanujan, A room to die for and Transfer deadline day alongside many other British actors.

I asked Michael what he’d say to those struggling with dyslexia but still wanting to get into writing and perusing it as a career he said,
“When writing a novel, it is important to remember how fickle our minds can be, you need to have multiple reasons for why you want to tell this story, it needs to survive a human sea of doubt, drudgery and the worst current of them all, procrastination” .

For those interested there will be a book tour happening next year so keep your eyes out for that.

Any one who is struggling with Dyslexia and wants help on how to deal with it please use the links below to find whats best for you.

Centre of Excellence for Dyslexia


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