Met Gala Recap

Last night was the annual Met Ball which followed the theme of Camp: Notes on fashion

Many familiar faces attended the event for one of the biggest nights in fashion, showing off their campiest outfits.

The outfits were extravagant , extra, unusual and quite theatrical. Ranging from co-chair Lady Gaga who made an excellent arrival to an equally extra Billy Porter who many say stole the show.

The evening was truly what everyone expected it to be, inside the institute it was extremely lavish ranging from large flamingo sculptures to a wide variety of past camp outfits all laid out for show.

Now onto the reason we all at home keep tabs on the whole thing, the outfits.

Gaga arrived to the MET dressed in her close friend and collaborator of the famous meat dress designer Brandon Maxwell , when we thought the fusia parachute dress was all that she had, she surprised us with not one but three other outfits underneath.

Cinderalla!! Zendaya showed up in a tommy hilfiger designed gown with stylist Law by her side as fairy god mother as they bipity bopity booped the dress to life entering the GALA with only one glass slipper.

The one who stole the show; Billie Porter arrived in style. Carried in by shirtless men wearing all gold and wings if that isn’t the definition of ‘camp’ i’m not sure what is.

The Jenner sisters showed up in VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE, and they shocked many as the Kardash clan is used to running off with there own theme but this was spot on and embodied the camp spirit.

Inside the GALA singer Cher performed her well known iconic song Believe on stage with a bunch of dancers channeling ‘camp diva’.

Whilst everyone was was keeping up with all the crazy updates Rihanna’s Fans (Navy’s) were quite upset she didn’t show, the Bayesian Star who has been crowned best dressed at the MET for a number of years didn’t show this year along with Model and actress Blake lively.

Rihanna took to Instagram posting a meme about her unattended state as one fan askes her to stop playing with makeup and go the MET Ball.

Its been an amazing experience watching these celebrities in their outfits and seeing what certain people bring to the table there is never a dull moment at the MET and it will be amazing to see the new theme and how all of our faves will interpret it.

Until next year.


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