Teens choose thrift stores over outlets

Teens prefer to shop and thrift stores instead of outlets, when keeping up with trends.


In recent years thrifting has no longer been kept as a dirty secret and the stigma attached to buying old clothes is slowly disappearing.

It’s become ‘trendy’ to go thrifting with friends or on your own, trying to find hidden gems in someone else’s trash.

Thrifters have explained that ‘ Thrifting is a cheaper way to keep up with trends, without spending hundreds every time something new hits the shelves.” – unknown thrifter at OXFAM.

Millennials are changing the negative stigma of thrifting into a positive one, making sure to point out that there’s always a few hidden gems, even designer items for not  even a fraction of the items original price.

According to Thredups fashion resale report, millennials are the generations that thrifts the most but are the generation that also waste the most clothes.

Even though millennials throw away the most clothes they are the generation with the most eco-conscious habits.

77% of millennials prefer to buy from eco friendly brands when purchasing items, and are more likely to switch to thrifting if it involves saving the environment

Millennials tend to impulse bye and therefore only wearing a clothing item once to maybe up to five times.

They have found a way to lessen their waste with clothes, and even save themselves some money while at it.

Thredup had found out that if you thrifted for a whole year then you’d approximately save yourself around £2,420.



Vogue editor Emily Fara believes  “fashion is the second-most polluting industry in the world, surpassed only by petroleum.”

Thredup did farther investigation and they came to a conclusion that a piece of clothings life extends to a further  2.2 years if it’s thrifted which amazingly reduces its carbon print by 73 percent if sold second hand.

So if next time a new trend appears in fashion thing twice and go to a thrift store to purchase it instead. Be eco friendly and save yourself a couple of pounds while you’re at it.


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