The Royal baby: What will his name be ?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are yet to name their new born son and this has led to thousands of people coming up with there own suggestions.

The Birth of there son took place in the early hours of Monday morning, at around 5.26am the news broke as soon as the couples were at the hospital.

Prince Harry admittedly said they are “yet to name their child”.

Many names have been put forward with online source’s suggesting
traditional names such as James, Edwards and Arthur.

When Prince Harry broke the news outside of the hospital he was gushing with pride and he said he was “very happy to see the birth of his son” and that he was “absolutely to die for” he went on to congratulate and tell reporter how “incredibly well” his wife did and how proud he was of her.

Meanwhile, millions of people came on social media to congratulate the couples on there new born baby.

One twitter user tweeted the Royals may name their son Ken as the name is after Megan Markles favourite sports star. Harry mentioned that Megan said ” hopes he can throw as well as the sheriff”

Now the country waits in expectation for the name reveal which we know will be soon upon us.

Meanwhile betting shop William Hill has been placing name suggestion odds with Albert leading the pack:

  1. Albert 10/1
  2. Arthur 5/1
  3. Alexander 4/1
  4. James 6/1
  5. Phillip 14/1
  6. Spencer 9/1
  7. Harry 40/1
  8. Frederick 33/1
  9. Thomas 33/1
  10. Edward 20/1
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