Two reuters journalist released in Myanmar

The two journalist have finally been released after spending more than 500 days in jail.

The journalist  were sentenced to seven year in prison but after a decision from the president of Myanmar ,ordering to grant amnesty of 8 000 prisoners including Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo .

That  was an unexpected news after that their last appeal was rejected and they been turn down by Myanmar court ,the reason of their imprisonment was believed to be because of the research about a genocide which happened in Myanmar .

While investigating they found out some evidence showing that the government was allegedly taking advantage of their position to mistreat the community many villages houses and building  got destroyed people were escaping and going to  neighbouring country such as Thailand, Bangladesh and Malaysia.

When people were escaping they were stopped and search and also deprived of their money. The two journalist got their information via video and photograph and from people who witnessed this event happen last year in august.

However they were seen as part of the massacre and guilty of the damage which took place in Myanmar. The court seemed to have been very sceptical about the decision on their release as they were both arrested last December and sentenced with seven years of jail.

Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were freed, alongside 6,518 other prisoners, after Win Myint, Myanmar’s president, ordered a mass amnesty including them. This unexpected but welcome news to Wa lone and Kyaw soe Oo left them relieved as they will be returning home to see their family.

Wa lone is a 33 years old, married father of one , he took up journalism from a young age and went to the largest city of Myanmar (Yangon). He worked as reporter and he also done a lots of charity work outside of his work day he has also authored some books.

kyaw soe Oo is 29 year old he comes from Sittwe the capital of Rakhine state , his home state has been beset by bursts of ethic violence since 2012 he started working as a journalist and was involved in setting up root investigative agency he is also married and a father of one.


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