6 simple steps for ultimate summer make-up

Everyone likes to have a quick make-up routine during summer, with as little steps as possible.

I’ll be giving you a step by step, fresh summer make up look for those who want to look sexy, with minimal effort leaving you more time to enjoy your bright summer days.


Arayara demo Regular

clense and tone

First step you must cleanse and tone the skin, with any kind of cleanser and toner that suits your skin. First off take two cotton pads and apply the censer on them, applying and massaging it into the face using circular motions, once you’re done with the cleanser and the gotten pads come out clean its time to use the toner. wipe the excess cleanser off of your face. You can then apply the toner on your face with the tips of your fingers.




Arayara demo Regular

sunscreenNext step is to moisturise the skin, usually you’d use a face cream but for the summer it’s much better to use an SPF to protect the skin, from the sun, which prevents, wrinkles, freckles,splotches of hyper pigmentation on the skin and rapid ageing of the skin. Use your fingers to apply your SPF all over your skin, paying more attention if you have dry spots on your skin.







                                   Arayara demo Regular                                                                                                                          

cc cream

(This step is optional) Apply your cc cream using a brush or a beauty blender, the choice is yours. a brush is preferred as it helps the application of cc cream have an even layer, extending down to the neck and ears with soft brush strokes. Once you’ve finished applying the foundation and are happy with how it look, apply the concealer with a light hand where you may have dark circles and uneven skin tones, in this step you should use a beauty blender, blending out the concealer in a patting motion, until it looks smooth. ( If you’ve got oily or combination skin you may use a setting powder if necessary, but it isn’t needed if you’ve got dry skin.)


Arayara demo Regular

blush and bronzer and highlightFor your fourth step, choose a blush of your choosing and apply it on the apples of your cheeks, with a brush a brush, its better to layer the colour gradually so you don’t overpower the look. After the blush use a bronzer of your choice ( preferably a shimmering bronzer during the summer.) and apply it to the points of your face that you may want a little more definition, like the cheekbones, top of the forehead near the hairline, nose and jaw. we will be using the bronzer as replacement for contouring. This next step is optional, but its an great step. Use a highlighter to highlight the points of your face that you want to attract the light.


Arayara demo Regular


If you would like to elevate your eye, you can use a shimmery eye shadow or a brown matt nude shadow over the eye, with a fluffy brush making sure to blend everything so that it looks smooth. Once you’re down with the eye shadow apply mascara to the lashes and that’s the eyes done.





Arayara demo Regular

tinted lip gloss

For the last step of this quick and easy make up routine, you can finish off your look with a tinted lip gloss with a light rosy colour or any colour of your choice, to brighten up your lips and bring them to life, this step completes the look and makes it look beautiful and fresh.








This step by step simple summer make-up look is foolproof and guaranteed to be anyone’s summer day or night go to look. 


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