Argentina lawmaker Olivares politician was brutally shot

Lawmaker Hector Olivares and best friend Yadon were both shot in the early hours of the morning on Thursday.

Argentina lawmaker Hector Olivares was shot around 7 am on Thursday by a moving car.  The shooting took place near parliament that involved him and his friend Marcelo Yadon who was said to be in a critical condition. He was treated for wounds that pierced his abdomen and  affected vital organs, the injuries were so severe that he had to undergo surgery to avoid death. His friend died later on due to the wounds suffered.

The two men were friends from their young age and used to have a walk together every morning outside of parliament. Authorities are still collecting evidence from the crime scene and trying their best to find out who was behind this tragic attack.

It was said that The two attackers were mainly aiming Yadon and manage to kill him but were not unable to kill Olivares.

Minutes after the shooting the police and ambulance arrived at the crime scene and gave emergency support to the victims while the police cordoned off the area , lawmaker Jose Cano said that it was a premeditated act.

“The information we have is that the car was parked half an hour before. They were waiting,” Cano told television station Canal TN.

Hector Olivares is a member of the criminal legislation committee and was working on football related violence. Patricia Bullrich the security minister said that authorities found the car used in the attack and they have a suspect who is being questioned.

A spokesman for Mr Olivares’s office, Hector Lencinas, told reporters: “We have never received any threats of any type in the office. It’s an open office were everyone is welcomed.”

BBC news source

Politician attacks in Argentina are very rare they have not  had any attack in seven years, previously they had been many attacks during the brutal dictatorship were many people were killed.

Now were all waiting for an update on the health of Hector Olivares.


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