Is Stock X processing fee overpriced?

Stockx has received complaints from customers over the outrageous processing fee in the UK, claiming it is ”overpriced and ridiculous” compared to other retail outlets like Pacsun, American Eagle, Macy’s, etc.

Online shopping has become an essential part of our everyday life wherein it is convenient and it saves energy. According to Ecommerce news ; 87% of UK’s retail purchases are made online(grocery shopping not included).

Have you ever seen a piece of clothing or shoe that you loved, looked at the price tag and it was okay. You proceed to pay only for you to realise that the processing fee is $65 and immediately felt the need to turn off your device ? Well that’s what Stock X charge for processing shoes to the UK;


Stockx is a live marketplace for buying and selling limited edition sneakers, watches, handbags, and street wear. They deal in high-end fashion & street-end fashion, they refer to their items as dead-stock because they’re either vintage, sold-out at the original outlets or limited edition items.

Customers in the UK are infuriated over the processing fees as they claim it is ”ridiculous and overpriced” as seen in a tweet.

Compared to other international retail outlets Stockx seems to charge the most per item, majority of international retail outlets like pacsun, Macy’s, and Target charge based on weight.

A StockX customer reacts to the processing fee in the video below;

Stockx charge both on shipping and processing fees which has many consumers speculating shopping with them or going elsewhere.

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