PUBG replaced in China by ‘patriotic’ game

Developer Tencent has replaced PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) with a game that fits the Chinese socialist views after failing to collect revenue from the game.

Following their failure to get the necessary approval to offer in-app purchases meaning Tencent couldn’t make money from the game due to the game being deemed too gory.

Instead, players have been offered a patriotic version of the game that celebrates China’s air force that is also less violent.

Tencent have said that the two titles are from “very different genres.” This was after suggestions that the new game, Game for Peace, is intended as a substitute for PUBG.

Game for Peace is based on PUBG, and looks near identical, however theme core theme of the game is markedly different to its better known counterpart. While the main game is battle royale shooter, Game for Peace is a celebration of the Chinese air force with an anti-terrorist outlook, any gory elements have been removed. This is especially clear with the death animations, where instead of bleeding and dying, the character will kneel, wave goodbye, and drop loot.

It is unclear whether or not this will hold the same appeal as the original game, but one thing to tempt existing PUBG players is that once they update the game, they’ll be returned to the same level they left off. Many fans who have been playing the updated game have suggested that the changes are humorous, with one Weibo user saying that “When you shoot people, they don’t bleed, and the dead get up and wave goodbye!”. Other users have commented on the new socialist theme, but many have suggested that game is practically the same as PUBG, albeit with some minor changes.

More importantly to Tencent, Game for Peace has been given monetisation approval in April. Game for Peace is also currently the most downloaded free game and top-grossing game in Apple’s China App Store.



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