Billionaires ready to leave if Corbyn becomes PM

Billionaires are preparing to leave the country if the labour leader Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minster in the latest report.

This follows the latest report which according to the Sunday times revealed the numbers of billionaires in the country and where they rank on the list.

The report suggest that the wealthiest individuals are preparing to leave if Jeremy Corbyn becomes the next PM this follows the news about a higher tax expected to be imposed by the labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

It is presumed that all of the millionaires who will be taking there fortunes somewhere else will amount to around £1 trillion British pounds not to mention the jobs that they provide. People are calling the impending exodus ‘Corbygeddon’.

The Queens bank reported that the clients are more concerned with Corbyn becoming PM than they are with Brexit. Tax experts have been helping millions on the rich list thats net worth amount to more then
£500 million totalling more than £5 billion.

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