Sweden Julian Assange rape might be reopened

Swedish prosecutor is deciding on whether to reopen Assange rape case after avoiding extradition to Sweden for seven years.

Swedish prosecutor decided to drop Assange rape case two year ago  because they were unable to find enough evidence to put him away.

“I have today decided to reopen the investigation,” Sweden’s deputy director of public prosecutions, Eva-Marie Persson, announced on Monday. “There is still probable cause to suspect that Mr Assange committed rape.”

Julian Assange was accused of rape involving two women, he is currently at Belmar prison  in London avoiding extradition to Sweden where the Swedish authorities will be taking care of his case. Assange has previously denied all the charges  against him saying that the sex was totally consensual.

The accusation came two years after he had travelled to Sweden where two women claimed that he sexually assaulted them, he denied the allegations  and refused to return to Sweden.

He has been arrested in the Ecuadorean embassy on April 11 where he has been staying since 2012 and sentenced to 50 weeks of jail for breaching his bail conditions.



Swedish prosecutor deciding on whether to reopen the 2010 case saying that she can prove the  Julian Assange guilty, since his circumstances have changed  “Now that he has left Ecuador’s embassy, the conditions in the case have changed and… the conditions are in place once again to pursue the case,” she added.

Julian Assange is also accused to have participated in one of  the largest leak of government secrets, he could get five years prison time if found guilty.

under Swedish law they only have a year to re-investigate that case and ask any questions.



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