Felicity Huffman takes full guilt for cheating scandal

Felicity Huffman admitted to have secretly paid someone to help her daughter to correct  exam answer question.

In a courtroom Huffman the desperate housewives admitted that she had paid $15,000 to correct her daughter Sophia Macy exam, she said that she accepts full guilt and is ready to face the repercussion.

She will be sentenced on September 13th, she is looking at between four to ten months in prison and a payment of around a $20,000 fine.

Huffman decided to take this action to boost her daughters grades, forgetting about the consequences of her action. Although she was not the only one to be charged with this accusation as a dozen others were charged with fraud.

It was found that she paid someone to pretend to be her daughter to pass the exam for her. She was arrested on March 12th in her Californian home and charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest mail fraud, Felicity Huffman paid someone to take the exam for her daughter pretending to be Sophia Macy

At court the actress was clearly in a state of distress as she could not stop crying while talking to the judge.

According to court documents, she was secretly recorded by the scam’s confessed mastermind, Will i am Singer, after he began co-operating with investigators. It was found that the singer 

She had taken an exam earlier last year but she got 400 points less than what she got with the cheating.

Felicity stated that her daughter was not aware of what she was planning to do and that she feels regret and is ashamed of what she did. She was just worried about her daughter’s grade and wanted to help her improve it she was desperate.

American actress, model, and producer Lori Loughlin, and her husband were also accused of a college scam however she did not plead guilty and thinks that she should be exempt from jail as they paid $500,000 to get their daughter in the university of southern in California.




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