Inequality threatens to destroy Political system in the UK

A report published by the Institute of Fiscal Studies has declared that the steady increase in Inequality has and will continue to threaten the British Society.

Nobel Prize Winner and Princeton Professor Angus Deaton has claimed that the constantly widening gap of inequality threatens and will destroy democracy in the UK. He believes that the gap is “making a mockery of democracy” and inequality in the United Kingdom could soon hit American levels.

The report by the Institution of Fiscal Studies highlights the growth of inequality and what results from the disparing gap. The IFS published a report showing that the United Kingdom has one of the highest levels of inequality in Europe. Among the world’s richest countries, only the United States is more unequal.

The study mainly focuses on the areas of health,gender and pay. Also it takes a look at the people from poorer backgrounds showing that there is almost a 10-year gap in male life expectancy between the richest and poorest areas. Also a rise in early deaths from drug and alcohol abuse and suicide being linked to factors such as poverty, social isolation and mental health problems.

Richest increasing their earnings

Many people feel a sense of discontent as they have gone through the various life stages and have all contributed to the society they live in but still feel as though they have not been rewarded adequately. For example University science researcher James Hutchinson who graduated from Cambridge feels as though he has no security even though he has done all that society has asked of him as he now works as an academic but he still struggles to make ends meet.

He went on to say “We were sold the idea that academic success is the way to be better off,” he says. Clearly with a lowly salary of £35,000 a year its not the case and he finishes off by asking the question of;
“How do we build a functional society out of dysfunctional lives?”

Meanwhile the public and i have been talking about what is the main cause for concern with the alarming disporportion of inequality in Britain and so far there have been mixed responses. With many suggesting that the female pay gap was still a huge problem in the UK that still needs to be resolved .

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