Madonna Eurovision performance is not sure to happen

Madonna performance is in doubt as organisers claimed  that she did not sign a contract for the show.

Madonna was meant to begin rehearsals on may the 14 as the event will be taking place on may the 18 however decisions have not been made in regards to her performance.

”The European Broadcasting Union has never confirmed Madonna as an act,” Jon Ola San said.

Many artist have decided not to perform at the Eurovision because of the situation happening in Israel  at the moment most of them feel that it will be great if it was not happening because the human right is being abuse and violated. Many artistes do not support the idea of the event taking place.

A lot of them have told BBC news to boycott Eurovision because Israel  is violating Palestine, they said that the organiser should change the location of the Eurovision this year because it would make it seem acceptable and okay if Eurovison takes place, they’re trying to raise awareness concerning this issue.

Celebrities have written a letter to boycott Eurovision, the letter has more than 100 signatories wherein there is fear that Eurovision might be disrupted.

One demonstrator said: “Israel has been able to use Eurovision to present what it terms its prettier face and to use this cultural event to distract from the violations of international law and Palestinian human rights that it continues to carry out every day and has done since 1948.”

Israel  won the honour of hosting the competition after the Israeli contestant Netta won last year’s contest and it expected take place in Tel Aviv this week, however Israel control the Palestine and is taking advantage of the minority of Palestinian

Gaza has control over who can get in and out, there is no working airport from where they could get any supplies most people are unemployed because most business  can get very few of their products out of Gaza to sell.







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