Tati VS James: The Aftermath

Beauty Gurus Tati Westbrook and James Charles’ friendship has reached its breaking point

Last week Tati uploaded a video to YouTube explaining why the pair no longer speak along with some information on James’ scandals.

Since then the YouTubers subscribers have been rapidly decreasing whereas Tati’s have been growing following the revelations of his actions.

james and tati

In the Video Tati brings up how James on multiple occasions has been explicit in public about what sexual deeds he takes part in also how his obsession with straight men and hooking up with them while disregarding their sexual orientation.

The video was originally about the sugar bear hair (hair vitamin brand) video which James had promoted on his Instagram a few weeks back Tati had addressed it because she owns her own hair vitamin brand- Halo Beauty Hair Supplement.

She went onto explaining how she felt like he hadn’t been supportive of her own brand but he was quick to promote another persons brand which he wont use in the long hall. She added, “When you do so much for people in your life and they not only don’t return the favor, but they just don’t even see you… I feel really used.”

But this whole situation is WAY more than just Vitamins

It was made clear that James has crushes on straight men and some would say thats his type, in the 40min long video Tati goes into detail about an issue that arose when they had been at a restaurant for her birthday meal

when they arrived James had started talking explicitly about what he wanted to do to the waiter who told him was straight to which Tati also told him the same thing she then goes to say James’ response was “it doesn’t matter i’m a celebrity”

James then responded in an 8 minute long apology video 

Since the video has been out the waiter at the restaurant has spoken out about what happened in a YouTube video displaying the messages between the two

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Many Celebs have since then unfollowed him on social media such as Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande and many more. 

Yesterday Tati explained why she will not be posting on her YouTube as of now 


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