Jeremy Corbyn Ends Brexit Talks with Theresa May with No DEAL

Cross-party talks have ended without a deal confirm Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn has today confirmed he will end talks with Theresa May as cross-party talks reach no deal. He also said discussions have ” gone as far as they can ” and the government is  “increasing in weakness and instability”.

Theresa May has said that the lack of a “common position” with the Labour party of wanting another EU referendum. Which she has said made these brexit talks “difficult”.

Meanwhile a spokesperson from the Labour party has said they accept the referendum and “We will end Theresa May’s reckless approach to Brexit”.

The Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has said the cross-party talk took a “very negative development”. according to BBC news.

Meanwhile the Prime Minster Theresa May has promised a timetable for leadership elections if the deal gets rejected or approved.

This is due to Brexit which has been delayed from March 29th to October 31st. The Prime Minister has claimed she wants the UK to leave the EU before the deadline .

While According to ITV news a document has been revealed that suggest the government was hoping both parties would agree with the Brexit compromise.

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn has tweeted to his followers saying ” I have written to Theresa May to say that talks on finding a compromise agreement for leaving the EU have gone as far as they can”

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