Tie Dye’s Reign of Top trends

Fashion is ever growing and always changing and evolving.

Tie Dye is something that has never gone out of style its only now that the younger generation is picking up on it and incorporating it into today’s fashion.

It officially made its comeback at PFW where it was in various collection from the likes of Stella McCartney, Prada and more.

(On the left Stella McCartney and to the Right Prada SS19)

Tie dye was originally created by the Japanese and Indonesians and was quite a huge trend in the 60s and across the world worn by hippies as during that time they were associated with people who rebelled against the norms of society.

In the 70s men wore it as a continuation of Hippie fashion.

By the 1990s everyone knew about tie dye and it was quite a mainstream fashion style and was even sold in retail stores very differently to 30 years prior.

The way it has been incorporated into fashion in 2019, is about being relaxed and being an individual which is fairly similar to how it was in the past but also very different.

“This way of designing and dressing allowed complete individuality which can sometimes be lacking in fashion these days,” said Kavita Kumari, a specialist print and dye technician at London College of Fashion.hippie

Having something that has been so controversial in the past and have it be completely reinvented to fit the fashion world today is interesting to see how it can be interpreted.

“The current awareness around buzz words like ‘fast-fashion’ and sustainability is probably partly responsible for the regeneration of tie-dye in fashion today,” said Kumari.

Fashion experts agree that its something that’s to be styled with light jeans or just jeans, is how it should be worn today.

Here are a few celebs wearing tie dye recently

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Justin Bieber’s Merch brand drew house has incorporated the style of tie dye along with super model Gigi Hadid and also Ariana Grande showcasing an oversized tie dye jumper and knee high boots.


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