Top 4 worlds strangest museums

Right here we have some of the worlds weirdest museums, ranging from penis museums to objects from the paranormal and the occult.


Hið íslenzka reðasafn ( Icelandic phallolgical museum).

The phallogical museum in Reykjavik Iceland is ranked the worlds strangest museum. Strangely enough the whole theme of it is surrounded around the full male genitalia and penile parts, from all types of species. Having a huge collection of 280 specimens from 93 species of animals includes 55 penises taken from whales, 36 from seals and 118 from land mammals, some highly erect and some not so happy.


Dehlis toilet museum
Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets.

The Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets, in Dehli India. It’s known for having the most toilets in the world, it’s collection ranging from different time frames and different countries from around the world. The museum is dedicated to the global history of sanitation and creator and owner of this museum hopes that his work will help India’s defecation laws ( pooping on the street.) to an end, and make sure the Indian government make it possible that every Indian household has at least one toilet.


hair museum
Chez Galip Hair Museum

The Chez Galip Hair Museum in Avanos/Nevşehir, Turkey is known for its weird hair collection. The museum has a range of thousands of  various hair strands only from women. Female visitors tend to leave strands of hair; so that they can be displayed. once or twice a year, the locks that the owner has chosen will be contacted by the museum owner. The previous owners of the hair gets a message inviting them back for a stay in the connected guest house, and gets rewarded with workshops from the potter.

𝟜.  Number 4 on our list is the only travelling paranormal Museum that exists.

traveling musem of the paranormal and accult
Travel Museum of the paranormal and occult.

The travel museum of the paranormal and occult is the only known paranormal travel museum in the world. It contains objects that have been speculated to have been and still are haunted. Such as the Dark mirror, the corrupted testament and the black hen planchette. Just to name a few. The museum is highly talked about and appreciated by anyone and everyone that goes to visit.

paranormal 5 star

Which strange museum would you visit?


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