90s US Artists Kut Klose Perform In The UK

Leicester and London welcomed Tabitha Duncan and Lavonn Battle of US female group Kut Klose over the weekend.

Some may not know who Kut Klose are, but I guarantee you may have heard their music before or even heard of their founder Keith Sweat who produced their only Album “Surrender’ which was released in 1995.

The album reached number 12 in the US R&B charts and despite releasing three singles, “Surrender,” (written by the ladies) “Lovely Thang” and “I Like”, which was the only one to make a significant impact on the singles charts.

Residing in Atlanta, Georgia their name Kut Klose refers to the short statue of the three singers and the fact that their heights are approx 2 – 2.5 inches apart. Lavonn described the group as “A little hip-hop, a little rhythm and blues, a little soulful and a little youthful.”

Tabitha and Lavonn arrived on Friday morning and while conducting an interview with them they said “We had a not so good experience, our baggage has not arrived from our connecting flight from Boston.” They had to go to various shops around London to purchase clothing and toiletries for their 4 day stay here in the UK.

The third member Althena Cage did not make it into the UK. During an interview the Kut Klose ladies said “She will be arriving.” Unfortunately this did not happen. Upon speaking to the event promoter and organiser he commented “She was meant to arrive, but missed her flight.”

Some would describe the missing member Althena Cage as the lead voice of the group, definitely featuring on more singles with Keith Sweat without the Kut Klose ladies. Including “Nobody” which reached number 1 in the US R&B singles charts.

During an hour long interview, Tabitha told us “There has been such a situation, but! We have defied the odds. Even though we got on one pair of draws, we don’t even have clothes for our show”

Despite this both shows in Leicester and in London turned out to be a success. They performed all the hits the audience knew with a backing vocalist from the UK filling in for Althena. They also involved the audience in their sing-alongs and also payed honour to groups like SWV, Total and Xscape.

After the show I had a brief conversation with Tabitha and Lavonn who said the show was “Amazing! The UK always show us the most love, even more than the US” and they assured that they will return to the UK which they described as their “Second Home.”


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