Brixton gentrified further

Recently Brixton has been having an epidemic regarding the area being gentrified and rightfully catering to the locals of the area who have been living there all there life.

Newly found residents are now moving into the area which involves more newer establishment.

The people who have for a very long time managed businesses and traders in the progression of the gentrification have suffered through out the process. 


Many traders even being 20+years deep within selling goods to the community of Brixton who has also grown to be accustomed to the traders as well respected members of the community are having these establishments.


BRIXTON EVICTThis concludes the traders to be out of a job and initially left to the side as those creating the urban transformation to the aren’t giving any help.

Residents  who lose there business now lack income and  struggle now to obtain housing due to losing the business or trading position.

One owner and very well respected member of the community in Brixton who owns a soup kitchen that helps provide food and facilitate for those who need the providing.

His name is Solomon Smith

Solomon had been interviewed regarding the gentrification in Brixton and asked questions on whether he feels the original community are being catered to more than the new residents coming in.

He was even asked whether there is a fear of his business have any longevity within Brixton anymore especially with the new buildings being put in place.

The big question is will the gentrification within Brixton as it grows larger cause a comprise or a demise?


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