Kyrgyzstan – the best place to visit in Central Asia

To start with, I am Proud to say that Kyrgyzstan is the most beautiful country in Central Asia, which is rounded with mountains and there are the Soviet planned building with modern. Lot of tourists call this place Central Asian’s Scotland because of this beautiful views and nature.

Living in London, United Kingdom I realised that a lot of people do not know where Kyrgyzstan is.

I am going to tell you how to plan your holidays in Kyrgyzstan, including the places that you have to visit, hospitality, culture and of course about visa.

However I think that you should know a bit of Kyrgyzstan’s history.

Kyrgyzstan was a part of Soviet Union with other 15 countries and this county took part in World War II, and celebrate Victory Day on 9th of May.

It is bounded by Kazakhstan on northwest and north, and by China on the east and south, by Uzbekistan and  Tajikistan on the west and south.

Kyrgyzstan is a Muslim country but it also has a lot of other different religious.

It has 7 regions: Chyi, Issyk – Kul, Naryn, Osh, Jalal-Abat, Batken, Talas. The capital city of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek, which is in region of Chyi.

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Kyrgyzstanis were traditionally nomadic people. During the 19th century Kyrgyzstan became a major area of Russian colonisation and that did much to change traditional Kyrgyz way of life.

Kyrgyzstan became an independent country when the Soviet Union disbanded in 1991. After 7 months of independence they adopted their own flag, emblem and anthem.

Watching this video you will feel Kyrgyzstan’s spirit.

Ala-Too square and Kyrgyz flag, national museum and statue of hero Manas 

About the Flag

The background of the flag is red and in the centre you can see sun with 40 rays. Its further symbolic attributes are light, nobility and eternity. On the sun you can see the tip of the yurt (tunduk). It is actually a depiction of the first thing that our ancestors saw when they were waking up in a yurt, namely the construction of the pinnacle of every Kyrgyz yurt with three crisscrossing laths across the circular opening at the top of the yurt.


All EU citizens except Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus don’t need visa and can stay in Kyrgyzstan for 60 days. In the case if you want to renew 60 days you can cross the Kazakh border which is one hour way from Bishkek and come back on the same day.


People in Kyrgyzstan very hospitable and appreciate older people. Whenever Kyrgyz people waiting for the guests they start their preparations very hard.They cook boorsok (traditional small squared bread fried on the pre-heated oil).

Boorsok – national bread

After that all people stand next to the ram and the oldest person start to pray in reverence of ancestors and then the youngest boys who knows how to slaughter a ram start to do it. Later they start to cook meat in a water for 2-3 hours.

When the meat is cooked they took it out and it they start to separate to the different parts. This separated parts of meet brings to the guests in one big plate and an owner of the house start to give these parts to the guests, from the oldest to the youngest people they receive different parts of meet.

Airmen enjoy a traditional Kyrgyz hunter's BBQ
Yurt traditional house

On the different plate brings a homemade spaghetti with the small cut meat and dressed in soup of the meat. This meal called Besh – Barmak.

Besh Barmak

And the traditional bread Boorsok is the first that should be on the table ever before the guests comes. You will drink a nomadic, homemade drinks as a kumys (is a homemade drink which is can be as an alcohol if you drink too much) and also ayran. And also everyone should try kurut, is a dry salted cheese.

Also, Kyrgyz people cook a lot of soups and food from a flour, salads and meat.

Seasons in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is very seasonable country. It has 4 seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. On summer time it gets very hot and on winter very cold and has a lot of snow, which is good for winter sports. On autumn everything get very colored, the tree leaves become red, pink, yellow, orange and velvet.

The best time to visit is on June to September, because you will have more choices on different activities.

Russian Kyrgyz phrasebook

You will be needed to take this phrasebook as it will make your travel hundred times easier as not everyone speaks in English, especially old generation.

Kyrgyzstan is an amazing place to visit for all people on different seasons.

In this place a lot of mountains with the snow-iced peaks which are not melt for millennia. Some iced peaks melting for a lot of years and from that we get clean and mineral water.

Capital City – Bishkek

Bishkek is a capital city of Kyrgyzstan.

Bishkek is also biggest city and it has a lot of modern and soviet buildings, lots of shopping malls and it is also a home for lots of different nationalities.

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In the city people fluently speak in two languages, they are Russian and Kyrgyz. But on other regions people speak in Kyrgyz language.

In the city you would be able to meet a lot of different nations and have a walk to see the city. All the monuments and statues and in the center around the Ala – Too square and they are all near to each other.

Also, you can go to the 3 biggest markets in Bishkek.

The biggest one is Osh Bazar, you can find there anything you want and for the cheap prices. The second is Dordoi and third one is Ortosai.

K-pop in Kyrgyzstan

K-pop is getting popular nowadays in the world but in Kyrgyzstan is popular since 2009 and now is even much more popular. They have a lot of cover groups and teachers that will teach you K-pop dances. The most popular kpop cover group now is Youngkiss and Love iz. There are also two k-pop entertainment companies where you can go and take dance lessons. They are Moon Entertainment and Fam Entertainment.

This two Entertainments do quite a lot of festivals and you can go there and see how the best k-pop cover groups performs there. You will get a lot of new friends and will have a lot of fun.

Places to visit on summer time: 

Issyk – Kul (Pearl of Central Asia )

Kyrgyzstan has a lot of beautiful mountains and lakes, and the biggest mountain lake is Issyk-Kul (In translation means Hot lake). It is the seventh deepest lake in the world and tenth largest lake in the world by volume. Tourists call this place “Pearl of Central Asia”.

Mountain Lake Issyk-Kul  

Around this lake mountains with the snow peaks and the lake fed from them. Around thousands lakes flows into the lake and not even one flows out.

The best time to visit this wonderfool place is between June and September because the water in the lake gets warm and the sand will be very hot which is good for your healt.

In Issyk – Kul, Cholpon-Ata you will find a lot of hotels and hostess, they can be far from the beach or very near that you just need to walk there.

The cost of stay is from £11 to £45+

Ala-Archa – National park

Ala-Archa National park  

The national park is just in 45 minutes from capital city Bishkek, is the most touristic visited place.

This place is the best on the summer time as in the city gets very hot and the national park a lot of trees with cool rivers and the air temperature warm and fresh.

The campaign Ala Arch is located on 2100 meters above the sea level.

In Ala Arch you can enjoy with a fresh air and climb to the mountains and also if you wish you can stay in the hotel which is located there.

If you go there with a tour you will have to pay £31.48 and they will pick you up from the hotel and bring you back to any places on your request (snacks and drinks are included).

If you decide to go by yourself you will have to take public transport which will take longer to arrive there. Pay less than a £1 for the entrance fee and they will give you a lilt guide with a rules that you have to follow in the park. From the entrance you have to walk about 12km up to the mountain but you can go with hitching.

Winter holidays 

On winter holidays you can visit our mountains for skiing. The most popular ski bases is Karakol which is located in Issyk – Kul region. Karakol Ski Base is at 2040 meters and this is the highest ski resort in Central Asia.

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This mountain was used as a training base for Olympic athletes in Soviet time.

Ski pass will cost you for adults £9.85 and children (up to 12years old) £7.66. On holidays it will be a bit more expensive £13.14 for whole day, but if you are going for half day it will cost £9.85 and for children is the same.

They also have ski and snowboard rental at Ski Base.

Adult ski and snowboard set from £5.47 to £13.14 and for children is £4.38.

You will never regret about visiting Kyrgyzstan, as you can see it has virgin nature, fresh air, pearl water and is cheap to visit. Kyrgyzstan is waiting for you!






















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