What makes extinction rebellion different?

Extinction rebellion was founded in May 2018 and they were supported with a call to action in October by over 100 academics, they believe in strictly non-violent forms of resistance such as blocking government and business buildings or infrastructure like roads and bridges inspired by figures such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King. They regularly hold workshops and teach their activists how to properly conduct themselves in a non-violent manner.

Extinction Rebellion - Climate Action Now
Extinction rebellion rally in London

But how successful have their protests been in drawing the attention of both the public and the government? To do this we need to compare with other contemporary and recent protest movements. Lets first turn the clock back to 2011, in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 there were enormous amounts of public disenfranchisement and outrage at the mismanagement and downright illegal practices of both members of the government and various bankers who were subsequently bailed out by the government.

In response to this, movements such as Occupy Wall street in 2011 attempted to try and force the government and corporations alike to act against the growing inequality in the US with slogans such as “we are the 99%” attracting 50,000-100,000 people who marched on Wall street on May Day of 2019. They got the government’s attention but not the way they wanted, the Federal government began keeping tabs on leading figures in the movement and there are claims of thousands being arrested. However after the May day march the movement quickly lost momentum and fell into obscurity not achieving anything of note really.

In Britain there were the anti-war demonstrations in the very early 2000s against the Iraq war and the student protests of 2010 with their London march attracting up to 50,000 protesters even going as far to occupy the Millibank headquarters of the conservative party carrying out widespread vandalism in the building. This however proved to be an error as not only brought the anger of the government it also garnered condemnation from student unions that saw the action as damaging to their cause. After a year the movement seemed to just fizzle out once again not achieving anything really.

In 2015 the People’s Assembly Against Austerity was set up with rather self-explanatory goals wanting an end to austerity and to further equality. On the 16th of April 50,000 – 150,000 people gathered for one of their marches but still yet again the movement seems of fizzled out after achieving nothing and like all the aforementioned groups seemed to make a big song and dance without actually having any of their demands even considered by the government.

Today the main protest movements are extinction rebellion, the people’s vote and anti-trump protests. The people’s vote who demand for a vote on the Brexit deal mainly led by Remainers in the wake of their defeat in the Brexit referendum had gathered 312,000 to 400,000 in March 2019 and in March 2018 the organisers claimed they had gathered 700,000 people at one rally in London yet still a peoples vote isn’t even something the government is considering. Anti Trump protests have gathered whenever he has come to the UK yet they seem only to be there purely to express dislike of the American president not really having any goals themselves

Yet extinction rebellion has never held protests attracting anything near the huge numbers that some of these aforementioned groups have managed yet extinction rebellion has held talks with Michael Gove who has even acknowledged that there needs to be work done towards preventing environmental destruction.

Clare Farrell who works with extinction rebellion said “I was surprised to hear a radical reflection on our economic paradigm from Michael Gove when he talked about how our model is extractive and destructive, and that we need to move to a circular model” In less than a year this movement has made more progress than any of its predecessors and contemporaries with far less numbers. So why is this?

Photo taken in parliament square of environmental activists

Extinction rebellion’s main demands are total transparency from the government with regards to climate change and the ecological crisis, the government must enact legally binding policy to reduce carbon emissions by 2025 and the establishment of a citizens’ assembly to oversee the changes. The movement operates internationally and has launched protests not just all over Britain but in places like Germany and Australia too.

Dozens of members of extinction rebellion have been arrested since the movement’s inception and on the 15th of April they vandalised and glued themselves to the Shell HQ and on the 25th of the same month they blocked the London stock exchange. They’ve vowed to try and shutdown Heathrow airport in June and July of 2019 with the use of drones.

On paper the numbers would have us believe that any one of these movements should’ve been more successful yet they are not even close. As I see it what extinction rebellion lacks in manpower they more than make up for with their strategy despite Adam Boulton’s assertion that extinction rebellion were “incompetent, middle class, self-indulgent people” that might have some merit regarding individuals however their overall actions and strategy would seem to indicate the opposite.

Extinction rebellion has clear goals and a much more effective strategy of protest than its predecessors. While other movements have been looking merely to gather as many people as possible for some kind of march, extinction rebellion has engaged in active disruption of the system.

By blocking roads, bridges and important buildings they are essentially forcing the government to do something about them otherwise they will continue to be damaged by the movement’s activities but because they engage in largely legal non-violent methods of protest the government cannot just arrest them nor ban them as an organisation leaving them in a precarious position.

Essentially they cannot be ignored or met with condemnation because they are not engaging in large scale damage of property or physically harming anyone while still causing disruptions that though may seem insignificant actually effects the economy and if there is one thing that the government wants secure above everything it is the economy as this helps decide elections.

To summarise extinction rebellion is a movement that is far ahead of any of its contemporaries in both its determination and understanding of how to make the government try and keep you happy and if they stay out of legal trouble and keep applying pressure through disrupting the system they could be well on their way to having at least one of their demands accepted by the government which is more than can be said about almost every other protest movement in the last decade and even more importantly how they will influence future protest movements to come might very well change politics forever.


Prince Charles’ prospects as King

Prince Charles, who is the next in line to the throne, is the person I am covering in my article with his good points and bad points. Prince Charles will make a good King and whether he will stay out of politics as he can’t get involved as a constitutional monarch. I am pro-Charles, in support of him and as the next heir to the throne he carries a lot of titles such as Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Earl of Chester and Prince of Scotland along with several others which many other members of the British Royal Family do not carry. In addition to this as most members of the British Royal Family have done, he has carried out military training in the army which he did for six years between 1971 and 1977. He holds the record as the longest serving Prince of Wales in history after his great-great grandfather Edward VII which he broke on the 9th September 2017.

The first audio clip has E.J. Ward who is a Royal Rota Editor and he talked about The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh and other members of the Royal Family being normal like everybody else in the United Kingdom.

Charles was originally named Prince of Wales back on the 26th July 1958 which is the usual title given to the future next male heir to the throne. He was sent to Gordonstoun School in the early 1960s just as he had entered his teens following his father Prince Philip or had first gone their back in 1937 after immigrating to the UK from Nazi Germany. He has since spoken of his experiences describing it as ‘Colditz in Kilts’ as he was bullied at the school by older boys. Prince Charles will most likely become Prince Regent when his mother The Queen turns 95 in two years’ time which means he will be able to take over more of the Queen’s main duties such as seeing and signing documents. However, he has shown his political opinions before which he can’t do as a member of the Royal Family and when he eventually becomes King because as a constitutional monarch he cannot express his political opinions. When he becomes King he will take the regent name Charles III although there have been debates that he might take the name George (which is one of his middle names) because of some of his predecessors who have borne the same name with Charles I being beheaded after losing the English Civil War and Charles II having many mistresses and fleeing the country before returning to the throne again.

The Prince has set up the Prince’s Trust which he set up back in the mid-1970s and originally first appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper. It focuses on helping vulnerable young people to get their lives back on track. The trust has been very beneficial to a lot of young people as many of them have been helped and have benefited from the trust. He has however endured strong criticism for his political views in the past and for his meddling inside politics which he can’t do as a constitutional monarch. With this feature article there is a lot of work with Prince Charles being the next in line to the throne and will become King. He has done a lot charity work and this has earnt him a lot support and respect from people in the UK, across commonwealth and the world. There are people who have doubts over whether he will make a good King but he has also won over a lot support with his wife Camilla even though they are both divorces from both of their first marriages. There have been previous monarchs such as Henry VIII who have married six times, several divorcees and annulments, as well as having two of his wives killed for not bringing a male heir yet remained King. Charles’ great uncle Edward VIII abdicated as the women he loved couldn’t become Queen alongside him and so married Wallis Simpson without becoming King and lived the rest of his life in exile in France although he did make occasional visits back to the United Kingdom.

The second clip is about him talking about how long it takes to be a Royal Correspondent as well as teaching people how to curtsey and bow when meeting the monarch. he furthers talks about them being just normal people wanting to do ordinary things like everybody else.

Prince Charles grey hair

Another reason for this could be because of the amount of criticism which Charles received throughout the years for numerous different reasons as a result of his infidelity and meddling in politics which has led some people to questions whether he will be fit to be King when the opportunity arises after the Queen passes away. This includes getting involved with the black spider memos in which a series of letters were written and published by Prince Charles over a series of years and released in 2005 bought in controversy and were seen as controversial at the time. There were people at the time who questioned whether he would make a good king as a result of the black spider memos. Prince Charles has appeared in popular culture before such as a 2014 play called King Charles III (Charles III is widely seen as his regnal name when he takes the throne). There are some people who believe he will use his middle name George as a tribute to his maternal grandfather King George VI who passed away when Charles was only 3 years old. In recent years there are people who have described Prince Charles as the hardest working member of the Royal Family with him carrying out 560 official engagements in 2008, 499 in 2010 and over 600 in 2011. The only other member of the British Royal Family who has been known to do as much work excluding the Queen is his younger sister Princess Anne, The Princess Royal.

In the bottom clip hexz talks about the monarch as a figurehead and having power (even though they don’t have power) as well as people having a lot of trust for the Queen as well saying that Prince Charles will be a reformal monarch where more people in the Royal Family will be losing their titles.

In conclusion, I believe Prince Charles has a chance to become a great King when the time comes as long as he doesn’t involve himself in politics which is something a monarch cannot do as a constitutional monarchy in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.


Originally from Cuba, but expanded throughout Latin America, it has a mix of son, cha-cha-cha, mambo, etc.

Constantly bored or are you new to the world of salsa?

You should concentrate on the musical genre, get to know it more closely to know all its styles and see which one is best for you.

You can choose between the afro-latino, the caleño, the cuban, the Los Angeles and the New York styles.

Although the Afro-Latin style is very popular in the Caribbean, countries like Venezuela, Ecuador and, to a lesser extent, Peru also stand out.

The Colombian style, Cali. It is known for his quick steps and skipping motions.

The Cuban style and that of the last Americans already mentioned are similar, because when the salsa was created in Cuba, its arrival in the United States was quick.

  1. Llorarás (You will cry)

Dimensión Latina – Oscar D’León

With Oscar D’León in voice, the orchestra achieved the greatest success of its history; this sticky theme is found in the album “Dimensión Latina 75”, released in 1975. Although there were hits like Que bailen tós, La Piragua, etc. Llorarás, composed by the same Oscar was the first international success. The musical arrangements were always by Monges and Oscar D’León.

His subject tells us about his ex-partner who cheated on him and, although his love was pure, it was never returned in its entirety. However, Oscar D’León thinks that everything gets back in this life and she did not know how to value it, so she will regret it and “cry.”

  1. Timbalero (Timpanist)

El Gran Combo the Puerto Rico

The group that has been published almost 100 albums in the salsa industry, could not stop being on this list. One of his most popular songs is Timbalero, a song that shows in all its expression this great orchestra.

  1. Rebelión (Rebellion)

Joe Arroyo

This song describes better than any other the so-called salsa dura or brava, a sound that revolutionized the genre, highlighting musical virtues that many exponents used later.

Slavery, mistreatment, the African Diaspora, emancipation and freedom, among many other interpretations, immortalized the song.

Regarding the narrative, it is clear that Rebellion is an impeccable chronicle: a journalistic story, if one wants to perfectly narrated (sung). However, the great legacy of the song, and what is famous in the whole world, is the musical footprint.

Discos Fuentes decided to make a music video whose result, a couple of years later, was an extravagant sketch with the walls of Cartagena as a backdrop, in which some Cartagena dancers made a silly choreography in which a Spaniard in a wig – another mulato – hit the black one. A tender tropical farce.

I want to tell my brother a bit of black history, of the
our history, gentleman

In the sixteen hundred years, when the tyrant commanded
the streets of Cartagena, that story lived.
When those slavers came there, Africans in chains
They kissed my land, perpetual slavery

  1. Gitana (Gypsy)

Willie Colón

Colón was known as a trombonist and a great musician, after Héctor Lavoe’s departure from his orchestra, he took the microphone and became the new voice, surprising the audience. Gitana emerges from the album “Tiempo Pa ‘Matar”, released in 1984.

Its subject of greater radial success turned out to be “Gitana” which owns evident Spanish airs and whose authorship belongs to “Manzanita”, also known like Jose Manuel Ortega a Madrilenian singer who was characterized by his broken voice.

In case one day I die
And you read this paper
That you know how much I love you
Even if I do not see you again
I know you were never mine
You have not been, nor are you
But from my heart
A bit you have
You have, you have, you have, you have

The song directed for a gypsy girl that he fell in love with at first sight, but he is certain that she has not even looked at him, but he has hope and wants to give her his love that he considers to be very pure.

  1. Cali Pachanguero (Cali is party)

Grupo Niche

In the voice of Puerto Rican Tito Gómez, but written by Jairo Varela, this song became the flagship theme of the Colombian orchestra. The album “No Hay Quinto Malo”, released in 1984, reveals this wonderful subject. The Codiscos label released a new video with the original voices in 2014.

The story you did not know behind the legendary song.

In 1982, the group were on a tour in New York. During a rehearsal, Varela noticed that a young man was watching them, so he invited him to chat. He was a Caleño who had traveled to the United States illegally in search of the American dream but due to the bad weather, he dreamed of returning to his homeland. He managed to move Varela deeply, for what Cali Pachanguero wrote.

  1. Periódico de ayer (Yesterday’s newspaper)

Hector Lavoe

From the album “De Ti Depende” released in 1976, this song is revealed, considered the best of Héctor Lavoe, even the best of the genre, for its sensational lyrics, its wonderful arrangements and of course, the interpretation of Lavoe.

Your love is a newspaper of yesterday
that nobody else tries and read
sensational when it came out at dawn
at noon and confirmed news
and in the afternoon forgotten matter.
Your love is a newspaper of yesterday
It was the headline that reached full page
that’s why they already know you where they want
your name has been a cut that I saved
and in the album of oblivion I stuck it.

This theme is directed to an ex-love that thinks and believes that there is still love for him, but that is already really happened, since you already passed page.

  1. Fuego en el 23 (Fire in the 23rd)

Sonora Matancera

This theme belongs to Arsenio Rodríguez, a Cuban artist who became blind as a child as a result of an accident. Despite his state he learned to play the tres (string instrument).

The story you did not know behind the legendary song.

One afternoon, in the department of Arsenio, located on the fifth floor of building 23 East, on 110th Street, between Madison and Fifth Avenue in New York, a fire broke out and smoke ran through the fifth level of the building.

Among so many people someone shouted there is fire at 23rd Street 110! And the singer Luis “Wito” Kortright hurried Arsenio and led him out of the building away from the danger. It was then that this song was born in rhythm of “Son” recorded in 1957.

It is clear that salsa has something that awakens us inside to dance it. Regardless of what gender it belongs to, it is proven to be the best for any party.