Prince Charles’ prospects as King

Prince Charles, who is the next in line to the throne, is the person I am covering in my article with his good points and bad points. Prince Charles will make a good King and whether he will stay out of politics as he can’t get involved as a constitutional monarch. I am pro-Charles, in support of him and as the next heir to the throne he carries a lot of titles such as Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Earl of Chester and Prince of Scotland along with several others which many other members of the British Royal Family do not carry. In addition to this as most members of the British Royal Family have done, he has carried out military training in the army which he did for six years between 1971 and 1977. He holds the record as the longest serving Prince of Wales in history after his great-great grandfather Edward VII which he broke on the 9th September 2017.

The first audio clip has E.J. Ward who is a Royal Rota Editor and he talked about The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh and other members of the Royal Family being normal like everybody else in the United Kingdom.

Charles was originally named Prince of Wales back on the 26th July 1958 which is the usual title given to the future next male heir to the throne. He was sent to Gordonstoun School in the early 1960s just as he had entered his teens following his father Prince Philip or had first gone their back in 1937 after immigrating to the UK from Nazi Germany. He has since spoken of his experiences describing it as ‘Colditz in Kilts’ as he was bullied at the school by older boys. Prince Charles will most likely become Prince Regent when his mother The Queen turns 95 in two years’ time which means he will be able to take over more of the Queen’s main duties such as seeing and signing documents. However, he has shown his political opinions before which he can’t do as a member of the Royal Family and when he eventually becomes King because as a constitutional monarch he cannot express his political opinions. When he becomes King he will take the regent name Charles III although there have been debates that he might take the name George (which is one of his middle names) because of some of his predecessors who have borne the same name with Charles I being beheaded after losing the English Civil War and Charles II having many mistresses and fleeing the country before returning to the throne again.

The Prince has set up the Prince’s Trust which he set up back in the mid-1970s and originally first appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper. It focuses on helping vulnerable young people to get their lives back on track. The trust has been very beneficial to a lot of young people as many of them have been helped and have benefited from the trust. He has however endured strong criticism for his political views in the past and for his meddling inside politics which he can’t do as a constitutional monarch. With this feature article there is a lot of work with Prince Charles being the next in line to the throne and will become King. He has done a lot charity work and this has earnt him a lot support and respect from people in the UK, across commonwealth and the world. There are people who have doubts over whether he will make a good King but he has also won over a lot support with his wife Camilla even though they are both divorces from both of their first marriages. There have been previous monarchs such as Henry VIII who have married six times, several divorcees and annulments, as well as having two of his wives killed for not bringing a male heir yet remained King. Charles’ great uncle Edward VIII abdicated as the women he loved couldn’t become Queen alongside him and so married Wallis Simpson without becoming King and lived the rest of his life in exile in France although he did make occasional visits back to the United Kingdom.

The second clip is about him talking about how long it takes to be a Royal Correspondent as well as teaching people how to curtsey and bow when meeting the monarch. he furthers talks about them being just normal people wanting to do ordinary things like everybody else.

Prince Charles grey hair

Another reason for this could be because of the amount of criticism which Charles received throughout the years for numerous different reasons as a result of his infidelity and meddling in politics which has led some people to questions whether he will be fit to be King when the opportunity arises after the Queen passes away. This includes getting involved with the black spider memos in which a series of letters were written and published by Prince Charles over a series of years and released in 2005 bought in controversy and were seen as controversial at the time. There were people at the time who questioned whether he would make a good king as a result of the black spider memos. Prince Charles has appeared in popular culture before such as a 2014 play called King Charles III (Charles III is widely seen as his regnal name when he takes the throne). There are some people who believe he will use his middle name George as a tribute to his maternal grandfather King George VI who passed away when Charles was only 3 years old. In recent years there are people who have described Prince Charles as the hardest working member of the Royal Family with him carrying out 560 official engagements in 2008, 499 in 2010 and over 600 in 2011. The only other member of the British Royal Family who has been known to do as much work excluding the Queen is his younger sister Princess Anne, The Princess Royal.

In the bottom clip hexz talks about the monarch as a figurehead and having power (even though they don’t have power) as well as people having a lot of trust for the Queen as well saying that Prince Charles will be a reformal monarch where more people in the Royal Family will be losing their titles.

In conclusion, I believe Prince Charles has a chance to become a great King when the time comes as long as he doesn’t involve himself in politics which is something a monarch cannot do as a constitutional monarchy in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.


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