Can ‘ultra-processed’ food really cause earlier death

Eating “ultra-processed” food might increase the chance of  an early death, according to the NHS.

Researches that have been conducted by two universities in Spain and in France, have instructed that intense extremely processed food considerably will increase your risk of death.

Furthermore, studies concerned with thousands of individuals that were funded by organisations  in their individual countries,  founded that participants died following years of intake extremely processed foods when compared with those who had a strict balanced diet.  Participants that have an health diet are more likely to live longer than someone on a poor diet.

Developing evidence against ultra-processed food

Research results have added to the growing body of proof that uptake ultra-processed foods, like instant noodles, bacon and chicken nuggets, will have adverse effects on health. The link between processed meat and cancer is well established.

Processed food has previously been associated with cancer, however we all know that eating plenty of such food will increase weight , creating it tough to untangle the consequences of diet and weight.

According to BMJ journal, under 20,000 participants including both men and women, aged between 20-91 years of age; had a follow up back in December 1999 and February 2014, of the consumption of food and drink. According to the stats – results have indicated there has been more than 300+ deaths, because of the cause of ultra processed foods.


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