Listeria in pre-packed salad and sandwiches is killing patients

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has confirmed NHS Trusts have reported cases of listeria are related to pre-packed sandwiches and salads, that were eaten by patients. Over eight hospitals within the NHS that have reported cases of listeria.

Listeria is causing patients to their death bed due to sandwiches and pre-packed salad being contaminated.

What is Listeria?

Listeria is a bacteria, which causes food poisoning, that can be especially found in dairy products. Listeria is a bacteria, which causes food poisoning that can be especially found in dairy products. Listeria is bringing patients to their death bed due to sandwiches and pre-packed salads being contaminated.

A bacteria, known as Listeria grows on food. Listeria can be found in plants, soil and water, it is very hardy and can survive even in low temperatures according to the European Food Safety Authority.

By cooking food above the temperature of 74°c the bacteria (listeria) can be killed off, and by washing vegetables and fruit. However, Listeria could cause infection after preparation.

When did the recent outbreak of listeria begin?

There was a recent Listeria outbreak in the UK which was identified in May 2019.

On 25 May, PHE says, “The chain – which supplied 43 NHS trusts across the UK – had been supplied with meat produced by North Country Cooked Meats, which subsequently produced a positive test result for the outbreak strain of listeria”

There were patients that ate the affected foods before the product withdrawal, according to the evidence that took place in hospitals.

Where did the recent outbreak begin?

Lanarkshire hospital was supplied by Good Food Chain with food products including sandwiches and salads which were linked to a fatal listeria outbreak.

There other following NHS were supplied by The Good Food Chain, which are listed below:

  • North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust
  • East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust
  • Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust
  • Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Lewisham and Greenwich Hospital NHS Trust
  • Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust
  • Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

How many people died of the cause of Listeria?

Currently within 43 NHS England trusts five people have died after being exposed to food supplied by the Good Food Chain. The deaths were caused by Listeria which is sometimes related to pre-packed food.

Listeria has similar symptoms to gastroenteritis like diarrhoea and sickness but which lasts only a short time. The disease is called listeriosis

  • There are a range of symptoms including a high temperature, chills, nausea and they persist for a few days.
  • In this case, the illness flared up amongst people who were already ill and so there was greater danger
  • There is a risk of infection spreading to other organs of the body with listeria which means it can lead to death
  • In 2017, figures show there were 33 deaths linked to listeriosis in England and Wales

It is because of the prevalence of listeria in cheese that pregnant women are advised to avoid it. NHS advice says that the risk can be lessened by keeping food in the fridge or heating it until it is really hot and kills all the germs.

John Logan, NHS Lanarkshire’s consultant in public health medicine Says: “NHS Lanarkshire has been working closely with Health Protection Scotland and Food Standards Scotland as part of the UK-wide response to the listeriosis outbreak associated with some sandwiches and salads provided by the Good Food Chain company to NHS Trusts in England and to one hospital in Scotland – University Hospital Hairmyres in Lanarkshire.

He also added As soon as we were alerted to the situation in England, we immediately took steps to prevent people from consuming potentially-affected sandwiches, withdrawing products supplied by the Good Food Chain company.”

Here are a few people opinions below on on Listeria; feel free to listen.

Here are a few people opinions below on on Listeria; feel free to listen

NHS says: ” These foods do not always cause listeriosis. If you have eaten them recently, you do not need to do anything unless you get symptoms of the infection. “

If you experience any of this symptoms, please call NHS 111 who can help if you have an urgent medical problem and you’re not sure what to do. (for people aged 5 and over only). If the symptoms worsen please dial 999 for HELP


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