Half Term Activities in Clapham

With Halloween fast approaching, Clapham, the suburb of London, offers a healthy range of activities to keep the youngsters occupied.

Take a stroll through Clapham Common, and make use of the ball court, alongside a skatepark.

a 1.jpg

The skatepark consists of mountainous slopes perfect for frivolous freestyle riding or even skating.


And treat yourself  once you’re tired, to a mouth-watering, carribean-styled lunch at the infamous Riddim & Flavaz.


The benches and a shelter means you can invite the whole party to the skatepark, with enough seats for all


If you’re a film buff, enjoy low costly movies at the Clapham Picture House, just off the high street.


A range of horror movies will be available to watch as we edge ever so near to All Hallow’s Eve.


For the movers and shakers, you can find yourself at a spin class at the Better Gym in Clapham.



Signing up to Better Gym means on your free trial, you can even bring a friend to come and work out with you.


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