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Uber banned in London, again

45.000 drivers are now in risk of losing their job. The additional 2 months extension licence expired on the 24th November.Uber will now appeal against the regulator’s decision to strip it of its licence, they have confirmed. The Uber CEO said ” We understand we’re held to a high bar, as we should be. But this TfL decision is just

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A Lambeth resident has been waiting 46 years: amid housing shortages

The unidentified resident is said to have been waiting ’46 years’ for a new council property. Housing shortages in Lambeth are leaving 30,000 people in the borough, including one who’s been on the property ladder since 1975, waiting for a new place to stay. A new figure has shown that nearly 10,009 (a third of people) have been patiently waiting

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So far one civilian has been killed, along with 4 other casualties. According to social media, police were forced to shoot the so called ‘terroist’ man. Metropolitan police say they are dealing with the incident amid reports of shooting. They are treating it as a terror related attack ‘as a precaution’. Witness saw a ‘fight’ before hearing shots. Metropolitan Police

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Dulwich and West Norwood Candidates: General Election 2019

The Green Party’s co-leader Jonathan Bartley is running in the Lambeth Constituency of Dulwich and West Norwood. Mr Bartley is also a councillor for the St Leonard’s ward and leader of the opposition on Lambeth Council. The Green party are the official opposition in the Greater London Borough with 5 members compared with Labour’s 57 and 1 conservative. Although the

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According to a new report, the process of eliminating greenhouse gases in the UK is possible with current technology.   The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), makes plans for a net zero-carbon Britain is possible without relying on future developments. The project coordinator, Paul Allen makes this statement, “We have the technology to combat climate change and we can start today,” The Powys-based charity

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