The old face of technology revived

Motorola has produced a dramatically improved device called ‘Razr’ which has been announced on the 14th November.

The phone was recreated as a throwback to the era of flip phones.

They replaced the small screen and keyboard , Instead it now has a large high-resolution touch screen that stretches across the entire phone and has the ability to bend and fold into a much smaller device rather than it expanding to a tablet like the Samsung galaxy fold. It contains a hinge that allows it to fold perfectly flat with no visible crease.

The firm reported that it was waterproof however the screen is refundable if damaged within 24 hours. People are intrigued by the old flame of a resurrected phone design that has a hidden retro Razr mode of the old looking retro phone.

The downside to the Motorola Razr has two cameras which you would think meant that it would have a better camera quality, compared to other brands such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. However it does not have a good lense. It has the lense of a 16 MP back camera and 5MP front camera that according to tech specialists, is of a weaker focus compared to the Iphone or a pixel camera.

This phone may win over Samsung galaxy fold, fordable phones and Huawie users as it is reported to contain slight benefits above them all.

It was confirmed that the phone will be released on EE . However the ‘Razr’ will cost more than the iphone 11. it will be sold for Up to $2000 dollars in the Us converted to pounds is above £1000. Many may argue that you can get better quality phones at a cheaper price.

BBC was informed that they were shocked at the amount of impact it had on the smartphone business. This will be introduced to the UK by 2020.

Despite the downsides of Motorola’s new phone you may want to purchase it just for a bit of nostalgia.



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