A Rise on Allergic reactions in Children in the UK

There’s been a rise in Children being prone to Allergic reactions from 2013 to 2019.

Figures from the NHS has been showing how ‘1,746’ of Children in the care of being treated in hospital for ‘Anaphylactic Shock’ in a year. From 2018 to 2019; 731 more children being treated than 2013 to 2014.

Brave: Natasha’s Mother and Father pictured together. Picture credit: ‘Yui Mok/PA wire’

Tanya- Ednan-Laperouse, Mother of late Natasha-Ednan-Laperouse had said that ‘These terrifying figures show we are facing an Allergy emergency’ as ‘The number of Children with allergies and suffering allergic reactions’ is on the rise.

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R.I.P: Their Daughter Natasha who died in 2016 from eating a baguette from Pret Manger, which contained sesame seeds. Picture credit: ‘PA Media’

According to BBC News online, it’s said that scientists say that ‘Environmental factors’ play a big part as to why many children suffer from more allergies.

They also say that the condition of Anaphylaxis in children under the age of 10 is most likely to affect them. 1,018 of them were sent to hospitals in 2018 and 601 sent from 2013 to 2014.

What is an Anaphylaxis reaction?: ‘ https://www.msdmanuals.com/en-gb/home/immune-disorders/allergic-reactions-and-other-hypersensitivity-disorders/anaphylactic-reactions

It’s said that the cause of severe allergic reactions is usually from foods such as, fish, nut’s, shellfish, dairy products, and sometimes from a bees or a wasp sting are the most common.

They say that ‘Even the tiniest exposure’ to any of these allergens can set anyone prone to an Anaphylaxis reaction to having difficulty in breathing. Scientists believe that dietary changes play a huge role in this as well as exposure to pollution and microbes.

When Natasha-Ednan-Laperouse was dying her last few words to her father after he gave her an EpiPen twice was,’Daddy, help me, I Still Can’t breathe’.

Her Parents have campaigned for a law, which is said to be finalized in 2021 and is for restaurants/many food retailers, to have a list of all ingredients on all pre-packed foods.

Mr and Mrs Ednan Laperouse say that any Anaphylactic ingredients would be put on the list too.

They’re known to have helped to create ‘Natasha’s Foundation.’

This charity was made to help locate the most effective remedies for others, like her, who suffer from severe Anaphylactic reactions to some food substances.

Professor of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the University of Southampton, Hasan Arshad, said that there’s ‘A worrying increase in severe food allergy’ when looking at the figures over the past five years.

Mr. Ashad also said that ‘We should not forget that behind each of these numbers is a child or adult who has suffered the most severe consequences of an Anaphylactic shock.’

For more information and inquiries on Natasha’s Foundation, please click on the following hyperlink: ‘ https://www.narf.org.uk/. ‘


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