ASAP: Food-Coroners want Food-Allergy registers to be called out!

Coroners want the allergy register to be called out after an 18-year-old Teenager dies from a reaction after eating a Chicken Breast in 2017.

R.I.P: Mr. Carey pictured in a family photo. Picture credit: ‘PA MEDIA’.

The 18-year-old, known as Owen Carey, died on 22nd April 2017 after eating a Chicken Breast, which was Grilled.

The Chicken Breast was made by the popular Food-chain restaurant ‘Bryon’ in London Branch in the O2, Greenwich while celebrating his 18th.

It’s said that the chicken breast eaten by the teenager, Mr. Carey had included the dairy product of buttermilk.

His family, who was with him at the restaurant had made staff ‘Aware’ of his Food Allergies.

On Twitter, one user was upset by the restaurant’s lack of care; saying that ‘the blame game towards a 18 yr old for going out to eat is disgusting. He [Mr. Carey] did his part, they didn’t do theirs.’

Another user, on the social platform, said that when they were ‘in Spain every item on restaurant menus had colour coded allergen labels. Why on earth can’t this be done here?’ in the UK.

According to the news tabloid, The Argus they say an inquest looking into his death had heard that his family hadn’t had a clue that his burger had included any form of dairy.

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The Coroner: Ms. Ballard pictured in a portfolio. Picture credit: ‘ ‘

Already looking into the matter to how Owen died, Briony Ballard, who’s an Assistant Coroner, has said that,’There is a risk that future deaths will occur’ if action isn’t taken seriously on the topic for food allergies.

‘In a report to prevent future Death’, which came from Health Officials, Ms. Ballard said that she’d witnessed a lack of National Register Recordings for Food-Allergic reaction.

She also noted that she ‘Was told in evidence that despite faster ambulance response times, a greater awareness of Allergies and a greater distribution of Epi-Pens that the death rate for severe food Anaphylaxis remains static.’

Back in 2016, 15-year-old Natasha-Ednan-Laperouse died from an Anaphylaxis reaction to a Pret sandwich, which had included Sesame seeds.

She’d been given an EpiPen by her Father, Radim Ednan Laperouse, Twice after she’d said to him that she ‘Can’t Breathe’.

Ms. Ednan-Laperouse pictured in a family photo. Picture credit: ‘Family-Handout’.

An Inquest for Owen Carey at the Coroners Court in Southwark has heard that an Anaphylaxis reaction is what plays a big part as to why an estimated 150 people have been killed over parts of the UK in the ‘last 25 to 30 years’.

Ms. Ballard also said that the food Allergy Death’s ‘Could then be analysed’ as well as ‘learnt from’ by food specialists, and had been worried about the training for allergen exercises at the fast Food-chain restaurant ‘Bryon 02’.

She’d felt this way as the restaurant has a small amount of ‘Key’ information on the front of their Menu for people to see clearly.

Published on the 10th of November, her report was sent to many organizations.

These organizations were: The-National-Trading-Standards-board, The-Food Standards Agency, Food and Rural Affairs, The Department for Environment, Byron’s chief executive officer Simon Wilkinson, as well as the Department of Health and Social Care.

Distraught: Owens mother Moria, who’s on the left-hand side, and his Sister Emma Kocher on the right-hand side. Picture Credit: ‘Yui Mok/ Press association’.

The Family of Mr. Carey made a statement saying the fact that, ‘Now that we have the Coroner’s report we are even more determined to push for change to honor Owen’s memory’.

‘Calling for legislative change’; Known as ‘Owens Law’.

They’re said to be doing this so that, ‘The discretion afforded to restaurants to provide Allergen information orally, is removed.’

What’s the Owen law?:

The ‘Owens law’ is a law which was formed by Carey’s Family, to help restaurants Incorporate allergy information on their menu to be visible.

This Law is due to change on October 1st, 2020, a year before Natasha Ednan-Laperouse’s law, known as the ‘Natasha Law.’


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