New Labour manifesto promises real change to the uk

The manifesto was launched 22nd of November. Labuor is urging to gain as many votes as possible for the upcoming elections on 12th of December.

Jeremy Corbyn , leader of the labour party has promised the uk things that conservative participants such including Boris Johnson believe to be ‘impossible’.

The Labour manifesto has promised they will make the UK carbon neutral by 2030 and raise the pay for workers by 5% , they’ll create 1 million climate jobs, tuition with no fees , support the NHS to offer free prescriptions for all and free basic dentistry, building on its founding principles.

Conservatives have said that due to all these promises and the heavy taxing on businesses and those earning above eighty thousanda year, will cause ‘frightening levels of debt’ that the UK must bare. Leader of CBI Carolyn Fairbairn agrees on nurturing the alliance with Europe and having a more equal economy. However she further agreed that labour will put britain in financial crisis.

A man angry at labour for having to pay tax increase

BBC launched a question and answer episode in Bolton called ‘question time’ on 21st November. Cooperate lawyer Robert Jenrick , shadow secretary of state for justice Richard Burgon, Liberal Democrat and journalist Chuka Umunna, the SNP’s health spokesperson at Westminster Phillipa Whitford.

A man who was present asked “under the labour government you took us into a recession and a financial crisis. Under looking at your manifesto don’t you think we will go straight back there?”. The public are genuinely concerned for where the money will come from and believe labour are ignoring the brexit deal and guidelines.

Many of the public disagree that labour will increase debt as they have always paid back what they owe and borrowed less than the conservative party.

Labour is working to start a green industrial revolution to combat climate change by 2030.

Overall Labour is working to improve the economy and make it a better place for those of the working class who currently aren’t benefiting, including better health care services.


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