Policy Guide: Immigration

The UK’s main political parties have all began announcing their promises for the campaigns for the Election in December.

To help make the decision of choosing which party to vote fore here are what these five major parties are promising.

Use this article as a guide to compare where each party stands on key issues.

All the parties have launched their general election 2019 manifestos.

general election

The Green Party have promised to create a humane immigration and asylum system for people to be able to seek legal advice, childcare and reintroduce legal aid for immigrants and finally end the indefinite detention of all refugees and asylum seekers.

The Labour Party have promised to have a flexible work visa system, protect the rights of  3 million EU citizens living in the UK the immigration system will be based on the needs of the economy and the communities they have also said they plan to end ALL deportation of families from people who’re entitled to be here in the UK.

The Liberal Democrats have promised to take the immigration policy away from the home office straight away, end indefinite detention by introducing a 28 day limit, establish a firewall to prevent public agencies from sharing person information with the home office for the purpose of immigration enforcement and repeal the immigration exemption in the Data Protection act.

The Conservatives have promised to reduce overall immigration to the UK after Brexit,  end freedom of movement to all EU citizens and introduce Australian points system, a student visa to help universities attract talented young people and allow those students to stay on apply for work here in the UK.

Brexit Party have promised to ensure that the UK maintains its commitments to NATO  and meets its commitment to spend 2% of GDP on defence as a minimum, crack down on illegal immigration and stop the human tragedy associated with human trafficking.

UKIP have promised to reduce immigration to low, sustainable levels, introduce an Australian style points based system combined with time limited work permits, UK border force will to become migration control department, overseeing all immigration and border control.

For more info on all the manifesto’ and their promises have a look below:

Brexit Party 


Conservative Party

Lib Dems Party

Labour Party

Green Party


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