Vauxhall Candidates – General Election 2019

The London Borough of Vauxhall has had Kate Hoey serving as their Member of Parliament for the Labour Party in the last 30 years, and this December, the Borough will nominate a new candidate.

Kate announced her retirement from the House of Commons on July 8th 2019 and states she would not seek re-election as a Labour Candidate in the next general election.

Running December 12th will be: Independent – Salah Faissal, Labour – Florence Eshalomi, Brexit Party – Andrew McGuiness, Conservative – Sarah Bool, Lib Dems – Sarah Lewis and Green Party – Jacqueline Bond. Meet our candidates.

Salah Faissal – Independent candidate Salah tweets today ” Parties promise and fail to deliver for young children at every election. We should establish a well-publicised, high-quality and full time preschool system, so no child gets left behind when they start primary school. #GeneralElection2019

Florence Eshalomi – Born British of Nigerian descent, Florence is a member of the London Assembly for Southwark and Lambeth. She was elected to the Assembly with a landslide victory over Conservative candidate Robert Flint in 2016. She is the favourite to become Vauxhall’s next MP.

Andrew McGuiness – “Brexit Party candidate for Vauxhall. His motto respect the electorate, deliver Brexit, change politics for good”.

Sarah Bool – Original native of Rutland, Sarah completed Modern History at Oxford before moving to London to study Law. Coming from a political background she was selected as Conservative candidate for Vauxhall September 2019.

Sarah Lewis – Originally from Brixton Sarah stood in the 2018 Lambeth local election as a candidate for the Lib Dems unsuccessfully. Sarah states on her social media platforms” I’m honoured to be standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Vauxhall at the next general election”

Jacqueline Bond – Activist Jacqueline would like to be the First Green MP for Vauxhall. An ecology graduate, she passionately wants to address the climate change, fight for council tenants and poor living conditions within the Borough. Jacqueline said: “This is the year of world-wide climate protests strike, and it’s time to turn those protests into a clear, positive result here in Vauxhall. Let’s get people aware about how they can have the power to change things – too long has government ignored and suppressed voters by having an unfair voting system and acting for themselves. This needs to change, and we are already seeing the consequences if it doesn’t.”

All candidates did an Election Hustings at Lambeth College November 25th 2019, and below is their closing speech on what they intend to bring to the Borough of Vauxhall.


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