According to a new report, the process of eliminating greenhouse gases in the UK is possible with current technology.  

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), makes plans for a net zero-carbon Britain is possible without relying on future developments.

The project coordinator, Paul Allen makes this statement, “We have the technology to combat climate change and we can start today,”

The Powys-based charity said changes to buildings, transport and industry could help slash UK energy demand by 60%. 

Solar panels and wind turbines are forms of renewable energy

Britain was the first major nation to propose cutting the levels of greenhouse emissions to zero, promising to do this by 2050.

CAT says the UK can: 

  • Reduce on-farm greenhouse gas emissions by 57% (compared to 2017) 
  • Cut food imports from 42% to 17% 
  • Use 75% of current livestock grazing land for restoring forests and peatlands 

Mr Allen reassures the nation that we can still gain certain foods and drinks such as “coffee, chocolate and tea in a zero-carbon Britain, but the UK currently imports many foods that we can easily grow here,” Paul Allen later says, “By changing what we eat and how it’s grown, and by wasting less food, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase resilience and improve health and wellbeing.” 

What are the Politicians saying about this?

Recent polling said the environment was one of the top priorities for voters at this year’s general election.

Conservatives have announced a halt to fracking the controversial process of extracting gas from shale rock, as well as the 2050 pledge.

Labour followed that with a warm homes plan to insulate the country’s nearly 27 million households and help with solar panels and heat pumps.

The Liberal Democrats have pledged a £100bn climate fund over five years to be funded through borrowing and tax changes.

The Green Party has gone further, promising £100bn, every year to reach net zero carbon emissions in the UK by 2030.


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