Policy guide: Business

Business is one of the key topics in the up and coming general election. With brexit unresolved, it’s having having a huge impact on large and small business across the country. What are each party saying they will do? Here is our guide to business policies.



Labour party says that they will increase the minimum living wage for young people  as a result  under 18 will get pay equally than adult. Most young people need economic support.

Under 18 getting paid equally  will be beneficial mostly when parent cannot help them financially due to their low income and having younger sibling that they have to prioritise.

Some do not live with their parent and only have their job as a financial support labour believe they should be rewarded by their hard work because they do same task as someone older people.

Labour is  tackling issues that under 18 year old are facing.

“We believe all young people deserve a wage they can live on and that workers should be rewarded for their work, not their age”

Conservative Party 


The Conservative Party want to make Britain the best place to start your business.

Whenever it is small or  big businesses they want to make the  UK a  good place where entrepreneur can build something for themselves and their  family.

Business is a good thing for people and for the economy of the country it will create more jobs  and helps the unemployment rate to reduce it will give more opportunity to people who never got the chance to work or who just felt like being their own boss.

The Conservative Party is willing  to fulfil their potential by investing   money in business people. The conservatives have already invest 3 billion ponds in national skills funds to helps upcoming entrepreneur manage their business and help them to have enough money for their businesses.

They  will cut taxes down to help business owner to invest in their businesses and received more money that they are supposed to get  and reduce business rate for small businesses rate for retail business. They will also increase employment allowance for small businesses cut taxes down for half million  firm. The Conservative Party want to support small and big business through the government procurement by paying them on time.

Liberal  Democratic 

Jo Swinson Lib Dem leader

Jo Swinson is happy that Britain want to start  businesses she says it can be a good force for the economy of the country cutting down the unemployment.

Many business owner struggle to start their businesses, they do not have the financial resource that they need, they need more help from the government so that they will be able to pay back when they become successful  and it will be beneficial to everyone .

Green Party

Sian berry and Johnathan Green leader

The green party said that they will help business to get out there by promoting so that they can more  get exposure , that is why they want to make sure that they have a responsible business owner  who will run the business correctly and respect his employee by paying them on time and correctly.

Human right  should be respected , business owner wont be able to purchase their item they will have to be checked first by the government they do not want order to get in the country without being verified.


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