Policy Guide: Housing

Parliament have decided to call a 2019 General Election, this article will express the Housing policy and Guide lines. Its up to the public’s vote to decide weather or not the parties policies are truthful.


The conservatives have promised to deliver the housing people need, they say that housing is one of the main fundamental conservative values and that people are most happy when they own their own houses.

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Brexit Party 

The Brexit Party contracts there is nothing in their contact that relates to housing .

Liberal Democrat Party

Lib Dems Says: “Empower councils to develop community energy-saving projects, includingdelivering housing energy efficiency improvements street by street, which cutscosts”

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Green Party 

As you are aware the housing crisis has been real diaster in people that been made homeless the Green Pary have decided – ensure these goal are met below.

  • To ensure homes are “affordable, secure and comfortable accommodation
  • “Making sure legastion  of “basic human right”They also plege that people “without accommodation and those forced through lack of choice into inadequate or unaffordable housing may lead diminished lives and can be excluded from playing their full part in society”
  • Green party have noticed “housing stock is very inefficient in terms of energy and water usage, making our homes”They pledge to using “a major source of greenhouse gas emissions which cause the climate emergency”.
  • Which then  “causes high levels of fuel poverty, and causes and contributes to physical and mental health problems. Improving the energy efficiency of all homes is a priority”

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Jeremy Corbyn from the  Labour says that is putting together a contact that he willing to scrap and get rid of student tuition fees. He also mentions that he cannot come to terms why it now “seems extreme to provide free education”.  

Jeremy Corbyn says:  “The whole of society develops better when everyone is better educated and has those opportunities.”  

“But all of this takes place with our determination to run an economy fairly,” he adds. Concluding his speech, Mr Corbyn says Labour has a “massive huge agenda in front of us”.  Mr Corybn also mentioins  to the people and are supporting his team  too “get our message out there… with unity, optimism and hope.” 

The Labour leader ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ continues to point out that  says”  Education is key and express “it is not just about universities though, and about “learning for life, culture and imagination”.  

Mr Corbyn also added that Labour party also  pledge ‘s to give every child the chance to learn music(Every Child Matters)”.  

Labour Party

  •   Labour – are pledging to build more  publicly funded social housing  Labour – have pledged that are willing to “deliver a new social housebuilding programme of more than a million homes over a decade, with council housing at its heart”. 
  • According to the Labour party when Parliament is due to end,  Labour has proposed that the “we will be building at an annual rate of at least 150,000 council and social homes, with 100,000 of these built by councils for social rent in the biggest council housebuilding programme in more than a generation”.  
  • Labour also stated – whereas “he Conservatives’ bogus definition of ‘affordable’ they will scrap the conservatives proposal  which know to be set “as high as 80% of market rents, and replace it with a definition linked to local incomes”.  

Climate change for new homes 

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