London Fire Commissioner steps down.

London Fire Commissioner steps down after 32 years of her service.

Dany Cotton, who’s a London Fire Commissioner, announced that she will be stepping down from her job, with the the fire brigade.

Ms. Cotton, will be stepping down on Friday 13th December 2019.

Ms. Cotton Pictured. Photo credit: ‘Sky-News.’

in June 2019, she said that she wanted to retire in April 2020, but after having meetings with City Hall, it had been agreed that she would leave by the end of this year.

Ms. Cotton said that she ‘feels Honored to have served London’ and recalls her experiences, as well as the number of events, she’d tackled.

She said that she’ll ‘never forget tragedies like the Clapham Junction rail disaster or the acts of terrorism that we have faced, but Grenfell Tower was without doubt the worst fire we had ever experienced.’

When the fire of Grenfell happened, she had said to an inquiry, that she wouldn’t have done anything differently that night of the tragedy on that summer in 2017.

Many relatives of the 72 victims who lost their lives, and survivors, called for her senior officers and her to be prosecuted after they told the residents, to ‘stay put.’

This caused a lot of controversy within the community and London as a whole.

Ms Cotton said that ‘the Brigade has and will keep making the changes it can to make and continue it’s fight for all of the other changes that are needed to prevent such a terrible incident and loss of life from happening again.’

According to the London Fire Brigade website, they say that ‘interviews for the role of commissioner take place in December.’

London’s Mayor: Sadiq Khan pictured on February 2nd, 2017.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said that he wants to ‘thank Dany Cotton for her 32 years of service at the London Fire Brigade.’

Here are the inquiries about signing up to be a Firefighter, for the time being, please click on the word highlighted above.


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