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10th December – Join Denise, Victor and Sheila for live coverage of the count for the 3 parliamentary constituencies across the London Borough of Lambeth; Dulwich and West Norwood, Streatham and Vauxhall from 10pm on 12th December. Follow us also on twitter @voxradiolambeth .

With it being 17 minutes since the polls closed, the crippling anticipation, of whether or not we enter a new decade with a labour or conservative government is upon us. 

22:10 As the crowds move in, we now have an official exit poll estimate of 368 seats to conservative, 191 to the Labour party, 55 to Scottish National Party and 13 to Lib Dem.

22:38 The Ballots are now being collected in. The crowds  are slowly dispersing and the background noises are gradually starting to quieten. 

22:48 The relentless shuffling of papers can be heard amid the low, monotonous ramblings of candidates and their agents. 

23:01 As laborious of a task it may seem, the volunteers counting up the ballots look zoned and determined to plow through tens of thousands of votes.

23:29 We have recently learned that the Labour Party has won 2 seats in central Newcastle and, Houghton and Sunderland South. 

23:33 The next seat goes to the conservative party, with Ian Levy winning in Blyth Valley.  This is the conservative’s first time winning Blyth Valley from Labour, with a 10% swing from labour to conservative.

23:39 So far we know that Labour now holds two seats, while conservative hold one.

00:26 Labour party currently holds five seats, conservative still hold one and the remaining parties hold zero respectively.

00:33 Conservative have just won a seat in Swindon north, with a 7.1% swing from Labour to conservative. Conservative now hold two seats. 

00:54 Labour have won three more seats, making it eight seats to labour, two to conservative and none for the SNP, Lib-dems, and DUP

01:03 Labour have just won another seat making that nine seats for Labour. 

01:10 Conservative have gained a seat in Nuneaton, making that three seats for conservative

01:23 Labour have gained one more seat making that 10 seats in their constituency as well as conservative gaining another two totaling it to five seats. 

01:30 The night is growing darker, as commotions begin to die down. Everyone is eager for the results at the Lambeth Civic center. 

01:32 The conservative party have just now gained a seat in Darlington, with 48% voting Conservative and 40% voting Labour. That is a 7.4% swing . 

01:34 SNP have gained one seat. Labour is now at 11 seats, while conservative have eight. The conservatives gained from Labour, both workington and darlington. The SNP gained a seat in Rutherglen. 

01:45 Labour  have just gained another four seats making that 15 seats in Labour’s constituency. 

01:47 The Tories have also gained another three seats, within their constituency making that 11. 

01:48 Labour have just gained two more seats, totaling to 17. Whilst conservative have gained another making that 12. 

01:52 Conservatives have gained another two seats making that 14. Labour have gained one making that 18. 

01:58 Labour have just gained a seat in Wandsworth, whilst SNP has also gained a seat in Angus. 

02:00 Tories have another gain with it being one seat in Peterborough and one seat in Wrexham.

02:50 The votes are climbing with Labour currently in the lead. Florence Eshalomi, Labour candidate for Vauxhall, has just arrived at the Civic Centre. 

03:20 Former Labour leadership contender and former Streatham MP, Chuka Ummunna fails to return to parliament after losing out to Westminster Council leader Nickie Aiken. 

03:30 Breaking: Jeremy Corbyn declares that he will not lead Labour in next general election. 

03:46 Jo swinson, leader of the Lib Dems, has lost her seat, in a close tie with SNP. 

As the election count closed, Florence Eshalomi surpassed her opponents by a substantial amount. 

The Labour party MP, rejoiced after declaring her as the new MP of Vauxhall. 






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