11 New Routes from Zadar, via Ryanair

The airline company will have 11 new routes from Zadar from spring 2020 to near to the end of 2020.

Accessible from May 2020 to October 2020, it’s been reported that Ryanair will have 11 routes from Zadar.

It’s estimated that the Airline will fit ‘672,000’ passengers maximum on board, will create ‘500’ on-site jobs in ‘Zadar,’ said Eddie Wilson.

Mr. Wilson is the CEO of Ryanair.

It’s been said that his company will also provide 90 new jobs.

He says that he’s ‘delighted to be opening our base in Zadar next summer as part of our efforts to contribute to the growth of transport, tourism, and jobs.’

One of the routes will be Dubrovnik and Rijeka, which will connect to Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, because of the Airbaltic.

It’s said that the line for Dubrovnik will run twice a week only on Thursdays and Saturdays and that the line for Rijeka will run once a week only on Thursdays.

Aiming to provide the best line connection for the capitals, the AirBaltic CEO (Martin Gauss) said that ‘when assessing which destinations will depart from the Baltic capitals, we first look for the most sought after among local travelers.’

AirBaltic CEO: Mr Gauss pictured.

‘This is why we provide additional input to local airports, offering new travel options.’

‘By next summer, we will already serve 16 destinations from Estonia, 11 from Lithuania and over 70 destinations.’

Tourist Board Director from Croatia, Kristijan Stanicic, said that it’s ‘great news and an announcement that supports further increasing the number of airlines and further enhancing the accessibility of Croatian destinations.’

Mr Stanicic pictured. Photo credit: ‘Goran Stanzl/Pixsell’

‘The first flight will feature a large number of travel agents and journalists from the Baltics and Scandinavia to whom we will present Rijeka, Dubrovnik, and split.’

Mr Stanicic also said that the A220-330 Airbus fleet will run on these routes.

The Director of Zadar airport, Josip Klismanic, said that ‘the return of Ryanair’s base to Zadar with three aircrafts is a great tribute to Zadar, both as an airport and as a destination.’

‘The growth of Ryanair’s offer to Zadar from all over Europe in recent years shows that Zadar and Croatia have something to offer our guests.’

Mr Klismantic continued to say that ‘Ryanair makes Zadar and Croatia much more accessible to Europe, but lets not forget, it also makes Europe much closer to Zadar and Croatia.’

‘The announcements for 2020 justify our efforts to increase the level of service for our passengers by expanding the capacity of Zadar Airport and providing the preconditions for further growth.’

‘I do not doubt that Ryanair will play an essential role in that.’


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